what’s up, doc?
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denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

every single thing i see from the denmark-based house doctor is just so lovely. so, this is my desperate-sounding plea for them to please find distribution here in the united states! i think they’d do smashingly well here — so how about it, doc? we need a spot to shop house doctor stateside! their collections are vast, and so well-designed — from accessories and homewares to furniture and home office gear, and beautiful lighting, too. i find myself cursing under my breath at my inability to make them mine. have a look. see what i mean?

denmark's house doctor lighting / sfgirlbybay

home furnishings from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

vessels from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

vases from denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

home furnishings denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

accessories from denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

home office house doctor / sfgirlbybay

glass vases from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

accessories from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

• photography via house doctor’s catalogue.

9 responses to “what’s up, doc?”

  1. Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful! The reduced, natural style works so well at the moment, plus i’m so excited for autumn and these products are brilliant for autumnal cosy-ness :) I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this stock before! Also this blog is incredibly beautiful, I will definitely be having a full on stalk this afternoon <3

  2. i agree! house doctor is awesome and it’s also very affordable. now here in europe, we need tatin candles. at least you can find those easily!

  3. I am huge believer of surrounding myself with beautiful living things, I have 2 dogs that I’m capped but the next best thing is plants so I’ve filled every room with livining plants and the difference of quality of life is amazing. I’m trying to find a distributor for House Doctor, their line would do great on the West Coast:)

    IG: @whitefangandstitch

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