my hats off to you.
by victoria comment


hats on display / sfgirlbybay

kara rosenlund.

hats!! i love wearing hats, but i’m always hesitant to buy them. i ponder endlessly, “will i really wear it?”, “does it draw too much attention to me?”, “is it practical?”. i don’t know why i just don’t embrace it, because i really do feel like a much more fun person with a hat on — a little more mysterious, perhaps. but what to do with all those hats if you do opt in on being a hat-wearing-person? i like these ideas for displaying hats outside the closet. kind of charming, no? just like hats!

hat rack, via the design files / sfgirlbybay

the design files.

hats on display / sfgirlbybay

casa sanchia photographed by robert anton.

hats on display in hallway / sfgirlbybay

tom blachford.

hang your hats / sfgirlbybay

manual yllera for elle espana.

straw hats on display / sfgirlbybay

danielle de lange.

felt hats on display / sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

hang your hats on display / sfgirlbybay

danielle de lange; remodelista; apartment therapy; and house beautiful.

hats on display club monaco / sfgirlbybay

club monaco via style beat.

straw hats  / sfgirlbybay

light locations.

hats on display / sfgirlbybay

Jessica Comingore’s Los Angeles Apartment, via the everygirl.

hats on display in office / sfgirlbybay

salvo lópez.

straw hats as art / sfgirlbybay


7 responses to “my hats off to you.”

    • LOL at ‘you’ll have to cherish my vintage hat collection’. That was supposed to say that I cherish it and then the link.


  1. I could not agree more. The constant struggle of falling in love with a hat, only to talk myself out of it. Once I finally decided to just buy one I ended up wearing it all the time, especially when traveling. I absolutely love every single hat in these pictures and now feel inspired to purchase a few festive fall ones.

  2. I’m a huge fan of hats as well, and with little closet space in my new home, you’ve inspired me to consider displaying them outside of the closet. So charming!

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