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aqua colored bathroom / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest.

i have this pinboard called aqualand and it’s one of my favorites. it has no real theme, other than everything i pin to it must be shades of aqua, which when grouped together i find incredibly soothing to look at. these interiors with cool aqua and pale turquoise blues are quite magical, too. rarely do i decorate using blue — do you? and i’m not sure why now that i’m looking a little more closely at these images — they’re all so uniquely beautiful and also a little bit exotic, like a quick virtual trip to the Mediterranean. perhaps i need a beach house where i’ll decorate with nothing but pale aqua blue. i’d be quite fine with that.

aqua accents / sfgirlbybay

Blackband Design, via Neustadt blog.

aqua colored walls / sfgirlbybay

Hotel Saint James in Paris, via architectural digest.

justina blakeney designed aqua archway / sfgirlbybay

fab aqua archway via justina blakeney.

aqua credenza / sfgirlbybay

nordic leaves.

aqua colored interiors / sfgirlbybay

The World of Interiors by hello mr fox; figueroa hotel; culture club; light locations; design*sponge book via garden design.

aqua mural / sfgirlbybay

tomas colaco home.

aqua colored bedroom / sfgirlbybay

milk decoration.

aqua decor / sfgirlbybay

annette o’brien photography; lillian wilkie; the bohemian home; elle decor; alison causer studios; danielle de lange.

aqua colored bar area / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration UK.

aqua cabinet via design*sponge / sfgirlbybay


aqua inspired decor / sfgirlbybay

vt wonen; QUARANTANOVEA; j. ingerstedt photography; miluccia; juvako.

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  1. great board title. it makes my ‘Foodie’ board seem so shallow, lol! i think what it is, is, without saying a word, aquas Do say spa ~ and that ‘relax’ mentality enters . . you pics are divine.

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