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reinventing vintage cart / sfgirlbybay

freunde von freunden.

i like the idea of repurposing vintage finds into something completely brand new. not just for the environmental sake of one less thing ending up in a landfill – which is awesome, but also for the creativity reinventing something brings about. giving an old object a whole new purpose is fun and often unexpected, which is my favorite way to decorate. i have lots of items around my house that once held an entirely different purpose and that makes me a little bit giddy. an old pulley cart is now stacked with art books; a big old jar is now a candle holder and a vintage medical cart is now a garden of herbs outside my kitchen window. here’s a few industrial pieces given new life — and giving us all new ideas.

reinventing vintage crate / sfgirlbybay

jessica comingore’s home, via the everygirl.

reinventing vintage pieces / sfgirlbybay

svenska maklarhuset.

reinventing vintage cabinet / sfgirlbybay

home of thomas lingsell, via andy liffner photography.

reinventing vintage rolling cart / sfgirlbybay

studio of katrin Bååth, photographed by sara landstedt (above + below).

reinventing vintage cabinet / sfgirlbybay

reinventing vintage finds / sfgirlbybay

milk decoration.

repurposed vintage pieces / sfgirlbybay

carla zacharias’ home, via the everygirl.

reinventing vintage bar / sfgirlbybay

Kelly Lack’s home, via refinery29.

reinventing vintage kitchen cart / sfgirlbybay


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