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creating a gallery wall / sfgirlbybay

birgitta wolfgang drejer.

home galleries have a way of looking so very sophisticated. like you’ve traveled the world more than a few times and these are just a few bits and bobs you picked up along the way. an artist you met in an italian cafe casually sketched you on a cocktail napkin and you just couldn’t resist having it framed and hanging in your salon. “oh that little oil? i picked it up at the paris flea”. know what i mean? it’s that effortless chic so many european homes seem to carry off with such finesse. me, i struggle a little bit with getting that collected artwork looking just a tad haphazard and laid back. goals, i guess. but if you can’t jet off to the continent just this second, you can start your own art collections by shopping them secondhand. i cruised around chairish looking for some great art and found some pieces i think could look like you’d been collecting for-ever. i think it’s perfectly fine to find artwork you love this way — you gotta start somewhere and until your next art sojourn check out my favorites on chairish — and just build from there. i’ll never tell.

collecting art on chairish / sfgirlbybay

a few of my favorites, clockwise, l to r: Embracing Pair Ink Drawing; Vintage Portrait of Mother Oil Painting; Mixed Media Art Los De Abajo; Study of a Young Woman Painting by Olga Lau; Abraham Walkowitz Isadora Duncan; Original Painting on Canvas by Meredith C. Bullock; Exhale Black & White Original Painting; and a Mid Century Fashion Advertisement Mock-Up.

creating an art gallery collection / sfgirlbybay


guide to creating a gallery wall / sfgirlbybay

lonny magazine (above + below).

creating art collection / sfgirlbybay

creating a gallery wall, via dwell / sfgirlbybay

dwell magazine.

dining room gallery wall / sfgirlbybay

domino magazine.

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4 responses to “art collecting online.”

  1. Lovely art, specially those black and white stylized drawings! Always a good choice.
    I have always fights with myself, should I put a lot of different art on a wall or one huge one.

  2. I’m curious your thoughts on framing! I love the art cluster but frames can be SO expensive. Do you have ideas on easy and interesting ways to frame art and photos?

    • I’ve been using which has done a really great job and you can send them your artwork, or collectibles to frame. It’s very affordable, too. I also look for vintage frames at the flea market – even if they have an ugly picture in them, the frames are often really nice. I’ve also used a wire curtain rod from Ikea – it comes with little clips and you can hang art from them:

      Oh and if you’re in L.A. my favorite framer is Frame Monster – so good and very affordable!

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