i spy: bougainvillea.
by victoria comment


inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

hansel from basel.

ever since moving to los angeles, i’ve got lush bougainvillea on the brain. this vine grows wild everywhere here — from freeway onramps to rambling over rooftops. it’s hardy, grabs hold and just takes over. but in such a lovely way no one seems to mind, and certainly not me. it changes color like a chameleon, sometimes fuschia to pale pink, white and a less commonly seen shade of washed out tangerine. it inspires me in lots of ways, and maybe not surprisingly, bougainvillea evokes a very bohemian, Moroccan or Indian vibe — unruly and not to be tamed; definitely colorful, eclectic, and even exotic.

bohemian bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

c home.

decor inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

91 magazine; cori kindred; stylist irina graewe, photo by Michael Fitzthum; room seven; mui ma*; threadsense.

inspired by bougainvillea tec petaja / sfgirlbybay

tec petaja photography.

inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

beston properties; MELANIE ACEVEDO photography for domino; stylist irina graewe, photo by Michael Fitzthum; graham & co.; marie claire maison; elle france.

inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

Marianne Nouguez photography for my domaine.

inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

style me pretty.

inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

julia chaplin’s home via one kings lane; euniceeva; Steven dosRemedios; holiday feed; architectural digest.

inspired by bougainvillea / sfgirlbybay

my very own art gallery.

bougainvillea, via justina blakeney / sfgirlbybay

the jungalow.

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  1. I love, love, love this. We cannot grow bougainvillea here in England and I have just returned from Rhodes where it is like a weed. It is one of my all-time favourite blooms. You are very fortunate.

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