welcome home.
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tour of my new home / sfgirlbybay

well, at long last i get to share with you a tour of my new L.A. home! the lovely team over at refinery29 asked me if they could share, and not only was i flattered, i was so very happy to hear that laure joliet would be shooting the feature for them. you may have seen a few instagrams, but here it is — my new home in echo park, and as a first-time homeowner. i couldn’t be happier here! the neighborhood feels as though i’ve landed in pleasantville — my neighbors have been so welcoming, and the vibe around here is very laid back, and very creative. i think if i had to pick a place that was as much like san francisco as i could, this just might be it. it’s even hilly! big hills, huge ones, and elysian park is essentially in my backyard, so lucy and i hike there daily. it’s very walkable with great hidden staircases, and charming cafes close by, like fix, valerie and chango just a few minutes away. anyway, on with the tour, and for more photos from laure of my place and their interview with me, pop on over refinery29 — thank you so much for the very kind feature!

built-in bookcases / sfgirlbybay

custom built-in bookcases / sfgirlbybay

here’s the living room. i had custom-built bookcases installed by my handy dandy carpenter colin hughes — they really came out beautifully and made the room feel much cozier. we painted all the walls and ceiling in Benjamin Moore’s oxford white, and we installed vintage doors from the salvage yard and painted all of those in benjamin moore’s onyx black — their Aura Interior paint delivers remarkable durability and offers the most advanced way to bring color to life. Using their exclusive Color Lock®technology, Aura paint brings you discernibly richer, truer color. Visibly thicker, Aura paint covers like no other — even in the deepest shades like the onyx black. we then added white porcelain knobs i found on amazon. the Vintage Rattan Daybed is from Elsie Green and i had Cerda’s Upholstery create custom channille cushions for it and they did such a nice job! my white linen edith sectional sofa is slipcovered (so i can throw it in the washer!) and super comfy and from Canvas Interiors. the knoll saarinen coffee table is a from hive modern and the vintage area rug is from abc carpet & home. the poufs are from serena & lily, mui ma* and marrakesh style. the lovely print over the sofa is called hold fast by lisa golightly of kiki & polly; and the black mantis wall scone is from CB2.

kiki & polly print / sfgirlbybay

vintage daybed / sfgirlbybay

my home tour / sfgirlbybay

poufs / sfgirlbybay

dining area / sfgirlbybay

my new dining room / sfgirlbybay

entry way / sfgirlbybay

the dining room was a bit challenging because the front door opens up right into it. i did have my mum’s french farm table here, but a rectangular table was a tad awkward. i replaced it with the amazing marble topped knoll saarinen table from yliving and added my vintage saarinen tulip chairs and a couple of vintage bentwood chairs i found on craigslist. i like the mismatched look of different dining chairs. the lamp fixture is from my old house, a george nelson bubble lamp, and the gold mirror was an urban outfitter’s display fixture i got when they had a used fixture sale. the sconces were a $5 flea market find. the console was one of those limited edition pieces from anthropologie made from reclaimed wood. the pretty print is by laure joliet and it’s called bougainvillea.

vintage salvaged glass door / sfgirlbybay

vintage armoire / sfgirlbybay

my home office / sfgirlbybay

parabu prints / sfgirlbybay

for my office door we found a vintage glass door just for fun, and i hope to print BOSS in gold letters across the top. and we’re going to paint the floors white very soon! i moved the antique farmhouse table into my office and it serves nicely as my desk now with one of the vintage saarinen tulip chairs that swivel. my vintage armoire serves as a catch-all for my office supplies and my wireless computer printer — it’s quite handy to be able to tuck that bit of unattractiveness away. i hung my ‘inspiration wire’ (a wire curtain rod from IKEA) and i change out the art along it all the time. currently, i’m hanging some new pieces i printed at parabu press (who i’ll be sharing with you soon once their website is up and running). and the colorful Boucherouite rug is from abc carpet and home.

black salvaged doors / sfgirlbybay

my bedroom / sfgirlbybay

woodlandhillshome light fixture / sfgirlbybay

black headboard / sfgirlbybay

bedside table / sfgirlbybay

in the bedroom i’ve got dwellstudio’s beautiful somerset bed in black linen. i call it my batgirl bed. and my white bedding is super soft from parachute. those white linen pillows with the copper zipper were a housewarming gift from elsie green (and we’re going to give away a pair next week!) and the fluffy pillow is from anthropologie. the crochet throw is vintage from la casa decoto. above the bed is my favorite rikkianne van kirk print, hold. the saarinen side tables are from DWR. the area rug is a vintage Beni Ourain from the pink rug co. my latest addition are the branch lighting fixtures from woodlandhillhome and i love them. they give off the warmest glow at night. note: that metal sconce was existing and will be removed once a new one arrives from schoolhouse electric.

bathroom / sfgirlbybay

black salvaged doors / sfgirlbybay

guest room / sfgirlbybay

guest room / sfgirlbybay

vintage portraits & hat rack / sfgirlbybay

this is bathroom and the little guest room, which will actually eventually be a walk-in closet once i remodel the tiny bathroom and make it a whole lot bigger by expanding it into this guest room. but for now, it’s pretty simple — an IKEA mandal bed with great drawers in the frame for extra storage with some fun striped sheets and duvet from schoolhouse electric. the little end table is the case study fiberglass demi table from modernica. the little bedside lovell task lamp is from barn light electric. the new york print is from artilleriet and the lourve poloroid print is by jen gotch. this is where i hang my hat, so to speak, on a vintage tie rack, along with all my bags and hats. the vintage portraits you may recognize from my old house.

tour of my new home / sfgirlbybay

one of my favorite things about the house? all the outdoor space and my rattan porch swing, from serena & lily. next up i’ll be sharing the kitchen makeover once a few more things are finished, and my outside dining patio that we’re currently building. it’s looking pretty smashing, and i can’t wait to share the before + after!

• photography by laure joliet.

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  1. Wow Victoria! A thousand times over….WOW! You nailed it. Again. But of course you did. I even recognize the vintage Moroccan lantern on your round dining table from Mary of Millay Vintage. Thanks for sharing your home with all of us. I’m left drooling.

  2. Beautiful! I’ve been anxious to see what you’ve done. I have a small obsession with black doors and they look amazing in your home. The detail of the porcelain knobs is really nice. I’m now going to have to look for a rattan daybed ;) Thank you for sharing! I just bought my first house in May and I’ve been working away. I’m impressed!

  3. I’m just home from work and am fighting a flu but wow did this post appeal to me like a giant bouquet of the most beautiful peonies ! I can’t get over the sconces for $5 ! (Did I read that correctly ?maybe it’s my high temp) I’ve always wondered where you sourced them from. Actually that whole arrangement sings to me. Nothing beats juxtaposition! You are so talented at arranging interiors. I adore that little midcentury side table in your guest bedroom and how you’ve styled it. The black doors with the white knobs are exquisite ! Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you happiness and health in your beautiful new home xxx PS Victoria If you’re ever considering travelling to Ireland come to West Cork and just stay with me ! Promise I’m not weird I just adore your style and attitude.

  4. Wow. This is gorgeous. I LOVE the oxford white by Benjamin moore. We have white walls & ceilings white black beams. I was nervous to go with black and white together, but I love it! I absolutely love Lisa Golightly’s work. I just wrote about my own Hazy Beach piece today. I’d love for you to check it out. http://bit.ly/1MeB2V3

  5. good golly it’s gorgeous and it feels like you just *completed* your real estate search . . how can it be possible that you’ve already made this beautiful home?!!!!! Congratulations.

  6. I’m so impressed how you have made this house very much your home in such a short time.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. so amazing!
    where did you get the frame with the laurie joliet print? was it custom? i have a print from her but have yet to get it framed.

  8. WOW, Victoria! Your space has turned into such a beautiful and cozy home in record time! I have been anxiously waiting for you to share your progress and LOVE everything about the way it turned out. I also always enjoy seeing pictures of you in your space and of course your lovely Lucy. Both you and your home are glowing and you look so very happy. And Oaxacan pottery to boot?! Such a perfect fit for you! (My mother avidly collected it for years and I always wish I kept more of it.) Thank you for sharing your life and home with us, I feel so inspired!

  9. I love your hanging chair! I had a similar vintage one when I was kid that insisted on dragging home from my grandparents garage sale. It hung in my bedroom for years until I guess I decided I was too mature for a hanging chair and sold it. Still kicking myself for that one.

  10. I have been waiiting for the big reveal and it did not disappoint. Of course, I have had an idea of what your house would look like from previous photos posted here or on your Insta. I am at total awe that your house is fully done as it seems to me you only moved 2 months ago. I wish though your outdoor space was included as well. I am quite envious of the Californian lifestyle (although I live in the very south of Canada, it’s heating season for at least 6 months of the year, and at least 3 of those under a very heavy layer of snow./ice).
    Thanks of sharing your wonderful home. I agree what a bit of a foyer would be nice but I think based on where you live, it is not such a necessity as here in Canada. When I was buying my first house, my agent dragged to me a house where the front door opened straight into the living room and I refused to even go in there. I wish you many happy years in your house although I already look forward to the tour of your next one! :-)

  11. Wow! Love it!….was seriously waiting,and waiting for this reveal. Thanks so much for sharing and always be so inspirational.

  12. Victoria I am so impressed with your design decisions. It is obvious that your decision making is careful, thoroughly analyzed, appropriate for the spaces and done with an innate creative classy style. Where oh where did you get those darling butterfly clips attaching the art to the IKEA cable? I must have some! Looking forward to more reveal.

    • thank you so much, nancy. sometime decisions are made on the fly, but i always can change them if it doesn’t work out! :)

      the clips are from Parabu Press – the same people who made the prints. they haven’t launched quite yet, but i’ll be blogging about it when they do.

  13. Boho isn’t usually my thing since I love more simple style. But this house was just WOW. It was simple enough for me and I absolutely need that kindof library myself.

  14. Wow, just wow. Your home is so YOU, so LUCY. Love all the whites, the coziness, the eclectic mix. Can’t wait to see the back yard! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your lovely pad!

  15. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! The bookcases are such a showstopper. I think these spaces are especially good examples of how white can feel warm and cozy and comfortable instead of cold and intimidating. Lovely work!

  16. Beautiful!!! Welcome to LA, and can I ask where you found the vintage doors?? I’m realizing that would make such a huge difference in our house (ours were unfortunately replaced by previous owner with new hollow core nonsense).

  17. Gorgeous. I love the balance of Boho and chic. There’s a tendency for Boho to goho overboard but you’ve kept it extremely clean and elegant. I’m smitten with your rattan daybed. Been looking for one for a really long time but guess I’ll have to wait patiently.

  18. so fun to finally see inside your house! so inspired by your brave spirit to move and start over! love the moments of strong contrast in your house. lovely tour.

  19. love it all!
    quick question re: your coffee table from hive modern.
    did you order the medium size? i am guessing so but want to confirm.
    i have been coveting this coffee table forever and all the vintage ones i come across have a lot of wear and tear. i think i am going to pull the trigger on the hive one so it’s perfect.
    thanks so much, gina

  20. Hi Victoria, about once a week or so, I come back to this post for design inspiration! At the moment I’m thinking about paint and wondering if you painted your trim Oxford White as well as the walls and ceiling. And did you paint the trim in the same finish? Also, do you like the Bunny Gray in the kitchen? Does it read blue, or is it more of a true gray? I’m thinking of painting my 13-year-old son’s room that color (thanks to you), or I may stick with white (Oxford White! or Simple White). Would love to hear your thoughts if you have a moment. Thank you!

    • hi suzanne, we did do both the walls and trim in Oxford White and I love it. I like the Bunny Gray, but in certain low lights it does look a little blue. Not sure if that’s what you’re going for. I think it’s partly due to the fact it’s semi-gloss and it reflects the light. A matte finish may not look as blue. Good luck with it all!

  21. Victoria- I am getting ready to paint my new house black next week! – inspired by you! My painter is trying to talk me out of using flat and using satin. We do live in South Carolina but close to the NC boarder.. Have you noticed a lot of fading and what are your thoughts on satin. I feel like it will make it look like vinyl siding. I love your style!! Barbara

    • Hi Barbara, I’m not 100% sure on this, but the satin might be good because it would wash more easily and perhaps not fade. I would go on Benjamin Moore’s website and check what they say, or call their Customer service: 1 (855) 724-6802 for advice to make certain of their recommendation. I hope that helps!

  22. Hello, I painted my living room with this beautiful white, the oxford white but the moldings are bright white and bring out the yellow in the walls. What color do you recommend for moldings with oxford white?

    thank you so much

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