baby’s got back.
by victoria comment


patterned tile backsplashes via emily henderson / sfgirlbybay

emily henderson.

have you noticed this ever-growing trend for tiled backsplashes in colorful patterns? i’ve been seeing tons of these kitchens popping up everywhere, and i have to say they’re really pretty, with a Moroccan, Spanish or Mediterranean kind of vibe. cement and encaustic tiles seem to be popular options and you can find them in places like granada tile, original mission tile, and fireclay tile. fireclay tile is an excellent resource (for traditional and recycled tiles, too) and you can even order samples from their website, which they’ll mail out to you. heath ceramic tile is a beautiful way to go, too. i’m thinking of going with cement tiles with a subtle, sort of washed out look on my kitchen floor, so i’ll let you know if i decide to go for it.

patterned tile backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

walker zanger.

tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

tommy scheerer design.

tile kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

wall street journal.

colorful tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

the selby.

colorful patterned tile / sfgirlbybay

Neisha Crosland tiles for Fired Earth via remodelista.

tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

house beautiful.

tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

tommy scheerer design.

tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

cafe lab.

tiled kitchen backsplashes / sfgirlbybay

shubin & donaldson.

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  1. I really love how much energy and life those patterns give these kitchens, though I find myself drawn to the two-color tiles rather than multi. Really love the expansive feeling of the floor-to-wall tiling of that last picture; the contrast with the warm wood and cool metal keep it more sophisticated than kitsch. Nice!

  2. I love this look too. I’ve found some really great cement tiles on Overstock, believe it or not! They have a program called Worldstock Fair Trade and they’ve imported a lot of beautiful tile from Morocco. I especially like the idea of doing this tile just above my range, then doing the rest in a simple white tile, like in the Tommy Sheerer design above.

  3. Nothing says “builder special” or “I have no imagination” like white subway. I’m so happy to see all of the patterns and colors. There are so many amazing tiles out there.

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