introducing mapiful. where will you go?
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mapiful reader discount / sfgirlbybay

as some of you may know already, i’m a bit of a map-buff — and that may be a huge understatement. ever since i was little, watching my dad get out the maps and routing our cross-country road trips i’ve been fascinated by cartography and the fact that some talented humans are actually able to create these maps to guide us along our way and keep us from getting lost. and yes, i know there’s GPS and Apps for that now, but i still like looking an old-fashioned map. mapiful is the modern answer to those good old maps made into posters of your favorite places, and you can personalize them, too. mapiful invited me to order a few from my favorite cities to see just how cool they are. i selected San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York and, of course, Los Angeles. mapiful has invited you to give them a try with a $10 discount, just by adding the reader discount code SFGIRLBYBAY at checkout (offer is valid through october 2ND).

mapiful custom maps + reader discount / sfgirlbybay

mapiful has a couple different layouts you can choose from, but i was quite drawn to the pantone version. and one of the really cool things about mapiful is that you can alter the text — you can swap out the longitude by latitude and add a favorite quote, or a bit of memorabilia — maybe a date you visited, or your honeymoon or birth dates — anything at all you fancy. for instance, for new york i changed the type to say “walk on the wild side” after a favorite lou reed song (he’s so NY!); and for San francisco, i customized it to say “city by the bay”, for old times sake. which city will you choose? i’d love to know!

mapiful maps reader discount / sfgirlbybay

mapiful custom maps / sfgirlbybay

mapiful reader discount / sfgirlbybay

custom mapiful reader discount / sfgirlbybay

mapiful reader discount / sfgirlbybay

mapiful reader discount / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Well, I know what I’ll be getting my husband for Christmas! Providence, RI where he grew up, we met and got married and our daughter’s middle name (just Providence not the Rhode Island part)

  2. I love this! I’m a big fan of maps and was looking for some artwork that could be meaningful for me and hubby without seeming cheesy. The two towns we grew up in sounds like a fab idea to frame side by side. Thank you! xx

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