some quality parker time.
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you may have seen from my instagram feed, i took a trip to Palm Springs last week with bri and the designlovefest team, and while there stayed at the magnificent Parker Hotel. bri planned this retreat for her team a while ago, and very luckily for me, they let me tag along! it was mid-week, and off-season, so it was essentially like we had the place to ourselves, and handsome fellas in coral-colored bermuda shorts greeted us by opening those sky-high orange doors wide open and into the parker’s alice in wonderland-like lobby.

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in another lifetime, the Parker was formerly Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch, where as a kid my family and i would spend a week every Easter break. as we walked through the parker’s completely renovated grounds, wonderful memories flooded my brain — the smell of Coppertone on my skin and remembering so much pool time we would turn into sunburnt prunes. Palm Springs is hot if you’ve never had the pleasure of a visit, but it’s dry heat (i.e. the good kind) and so peaceful if you want it to be. the parker is especially zen.

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The Parker Palm Springs is situated on thirteen acres of landscaped gardens surrounded by the desert and mountains, and of course, if you haven’t recognized already, is designed by Jonathan Adler, so the decor is signature Adler all the way! with an ironic ‘drugs’ sign, awe-inspiring lighting fixtures, a circular fire pit, and swing chairs you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. i could have sworn i was hanging out in cher’s living room!

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The Parker also boasts a few pools for you to choose from — Two outdoor heated pools surrounded by beautiful bougainvillea, chaise lounges, and plenty of staff to cater to your every whim, along with lemonade stand that serves up an adult version, like a beer shanty and the muddled lemon served with citron vodka. Norma’s restaurant has an amazing comfort food laden brunch menu, and every detail is attended to — when you sit down they serve you up a smoothie shot, which was always delicious. and don’t get me started on the PSYC spa — with a steam and dry sauna, indoor pool and this really restful ‘dark room’ where you can escape the heat to a lounging area entirely pitch black except for candlelight. so basically, once you arrive, you don’t want to leave. i would have stayed an extra day if i didn’t have a special pup waiting for me at home. all i can say is heartfelt thanks to bri for including me on a trip that was exactly what the doctor ordered. i highly recommend a trip to the parker when you need a special and very memorable getaway.

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PSYC at the parker / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I moved from L.A. to Palm Springs a year ago. The Parker is among my favorite places to go to escape the heat in the summer, and just enjoy the paradise that it is the rest of the year. Love your photos of this very special place. Hope you are enjoying life back in Los Angeles – – your new home is gorgeous!

  2. I’m heading to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks for a little getaway – can non-guests mosey through the Parker? I’d love to check it out but won’t be staying there.

    • I’ve gone to the lounge and bar there as a non-guest. And Norma’s is open to the public too – and I think the spa is as well. I think one of the pools is private, but they may provide tours of the grounds. They’re very nice, so I would just check with their front desk.

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