So Long Summer Cocktail.
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the first day of fall landed last week, but it’s pretty hard to tell here in los angeles, since it’s about 90 degrees as i type this. but we thought we’d come up with a special bourbon cocktail recipe for you to say so long to summer. we call it the summer on the rocks and its main ingredient is passionfruit, which is in season right now and makes for a delicious and refreshingly fruity cocktail — and who doesn’t love one of those now and then?

summer cocktails / sfgirlbybay

cocktail expert and all round great to have at a party girl, ashley rose conway of craft & cocktails created this recipe for us and i think it’s likely to become a favorite in your repertoire. everyone needs a few special cocktail recipes up their sleeve, and we’re going to be creating a few for you as a regular series, so standby for that. we like to use the good stuff, so along with fresh fruit, this recipe uses two great kinds of bourbon — russell’s reserve 10 year old bourbon, and wild turkey rare breed barrel strength bourbon. delish!

summer passionfruit cocktail / sfgirlbybay

summer drink recipe / sfgirlbybay

we’re listing the step-by-step recipe for summer on the rocks just below for you, so be sure and pin that — i save my cocktail recipes to a board i like to call adult beverages (so you can always find this recipe there, too), and you can find more gorgeous cocktail recipes on the women & whiskies website. cheers to what was a beautiful summer!

summer on the rocks recipe / sfgirlbybay

summer bourbon recipe / sfgirlbybay

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• photography and recipes by ashley rose conway for sfgirlbybay.

This post made possible in partnership with women & whiskies but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

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  1. Ah, this post is both lovely and sad–that cocktail looks amazing, but most we really wait a whole year until the next summer season?!

    That said, I, too, am in L.A. Fall/winter here is a cinch ;)

  2. These mixers remind me it’s almost over, that very end of summer when you can almost see the colors change and feel the air cool on your hair. Perfect.

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