fun with mid-century modern.
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unique mid-century design / sfgirlbybay

a black mid-century modern leather sofa looks less austere with playful accessories, via the october issue of inside out magazine.

i used to try and have an apartment that was nothing but streamline, very committed mid-century modern. but i just couldn’t hack the discipline involved to have everything ‘by the book’ mid-century. i like too many eras of furniture design to be tied down to just one, and while i utterly admire anyone who can keep a home with a clean, strictly modern manner, it’s just a tad too austere for me — the “collector of odds and ends”. that’s why i was drawn to these rooms — they’ve got that mid-century modern vibe, but with a playful, eclectic spin, achieved by adding pops of great color; plants, whimsical artwork, and unique textiles. just a bit of fun with mid-century modern.

mid-century modern design / sfgirlbybay

great artwork and a mix of dining chairs updates this dining room, via inside closet.

playful mid-century modern /sfgirlbybay

fun with mid-century modern, via de dujes (above + below).

fun mid-centruy modern furnishings / sfgirlbybay

colorful mid-century modern / sfgirlbybay

a vintage map and whimsical art make this case study sofa a lot more fun, via dwell.

mid-century modern style / sfgirlbybay

pop & scott’s fun reproduction case study sofa and lamp.

modern bedroom styling / sfgirlbybay

a green crocheted throw lightens up the mood of a bertoia side chair, via lily.

mid-century modern shoe display / sfgirlbybay

a mid-century cabinet gets repurposed as a fun spot to store shoes, via vtwonen.

mid-century modern dining room / sfgirlbybay

green upholstery livens up this look at poland’s autor rooms hotel, via coco + kelley.

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  1. It took me a while (about 45 years…) to realise exactly where I got my mid-century yearnings from and how, like you, strictness about form and colour irks. Marjorie’s apartment from Vertigo and Jeff’s apartment from Rear Window. Bingo.

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