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by Lily Glass comment


floral and fluorescent wall art / sfgirlbybay

Dinosaur Coffee opened its doors last December and quickly became one of the most Instagram-ed coffee shops in town. Owners Ben + Michelle worked with some mighty-fine designers and makers (Ryan Upton designed all the woodwork and the folks at Hello Gem created the floral installation), to create the sleek, modern Silver Lake environment that basically begs to be shared on social media.  Since it’s genesis, Ben and Michelle were committed to cultivating a friendly, welcoming environment for coffee fanatics and the occasional drinker, alike, and so they embraced the dinosaur theme to keep things whimsical and inviting. Whether you swing by Dinosaur Coffee for your morning brew or settle in for an afternoon of work, remember : Things will be fine.

modern wood shelving / sfgirlbybay

sleek barstools / sfgirlbybay

dinosaur decor / sfgirlbybay

wood and glass bakery display / sfgirlbybay

dinosaur coffee shop silverlake / sfgirlbybay

dinosaur coffee in silverlake / sfgirlbybay

merchandise display at dinosaur coffee / sfgirlbybay

modern wood interior design / sfgirlbybay

red espresso machine / sfgirlbybay

modern coffee packaging / sfgirlbybay

stamped dinosaur coffee cup / sfgirlbybay

whimsical wall art at dinosaur coffee / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

10 responses to “around l.a. / dinosaur coffee.”

  1. Whoa. This is the dreamiest, most magical little coffee shop. I’m flying out to California (from Boston) for two quick nights in two weeks and am seriously thinking about stopping here now. Thank you for sharing this adorable spot!


  2. Legitimately want to come to LA and come to this coffee shop just for the interiors. That flower wall! That neon! That bar! Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. The name of the company that did the floral installation is HelloGem, not HelloGlam.

    Take care,

    Proud Momma of one of the owners of HelloGem.

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