more tile talk.
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moroccan-inspired tile floors / sfgirlbybay

new york t magazine.

i’m really seeing moroccan-flavored tile as a big trend lately — it’s everywhere. patterned tiles in courtyards, on walls, behind your backsplash, and on the ground beneath your feet — which is what interests me the most right now. as i mentioned a week ago or so, i’m seriously considering a cement tile floor in a subtle pattern for my kitchen. i was thinking hardwood, but they can be tough to maintain in a kitchen over a long period of time, and i’m not too sure the hardwood floors beneath the tile that’s in my kitchen now is in very great shape to begin with. so i’ve been considering this idea pretty seriously, and on the hunt for tiled floors that, well — floor me!

modern meets moroccan interior design / sfgirlbyay

tine k home via est magazine (above + below).

modern moroccan tiled dining room / sfgirlbybay

moroccan-inspired kitchen floor tiles / sfgirlbybay

nuevo estilo .

green moroccan inspired floor tiles / sfgirlbybay


moroccan style floor tiles / sfgirlbybay

lovely life.

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  1. I had just saved the one from the top in my remodel folder last week! It is Clemenine B&W 2 from Arizona Tile. Thinking it would be great in my guest bath. Glad to know I’m thinking in trend.

  2. My mom moved to Morocco recently and I’m trying to figure out a way to teleport massive quantities of tile to the US. The fabulous textiles are much easier to send…

  3. Encrustic tiles are fab, love the trend, but these tiles are thick at 5/8′ tile plus 1/8″ thinset, so you might have to have a raised transition between the rooms, or lower your subfloor ($$$). The tiles are also fairly porous and will need to be super sealed (and resealed every year or so) to prevent oily stains. FWIW I do have hardwood floors in my kitchen and it’s holding up fine. I like wood floors with some patina on them so if they eventually show it little wear it won’t bother me.

  4. Been trying my darndest to find a Canadian distributor for the last two years. Still no luck! My poor bare kitchen walls are waiting for the right combo of colour and pattern. Any fellow Canadians have a lead? Like someone else mentioned, shipping is not really an option for heavy tiles.

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