the shutterbugs: kate holstein.
by Kristen Waltman comment


white rooftops / kate holstein photography / sfgirlbybay

i came across the work of photographer kate holstein after seeing her work in cereal magazine and instantly became quite smitten. kate’s photography has a very ethereal quality of light and feels so calmly inspiring. Kate’s bio reads like a dream: Born in Boulder, Colorado, now based in Aspen. Raised by a father who never left the house without a camera and a mother who brought creativity into every aspect of life — that sounds like a mighty good place to start a creative life. kate studied photography at Parson’s School of Design and is now telling stories of life’s fleeting moments through photographs — as a visual person, it’s my favorite way to tell a story, too. Her work has been widely published in magazines, blogs, and books and she shoots everything from travel stories to weddings, to lifestyle and celebrity portraits. Her insatiable wanderlust has taken her all over the world, and it’s through the lens of her camera that we get to follow along. you can follow kate on her beautiful instagram feed, and order prints from her, too.

hillside homes by the sea / sfgirlbybay

plant photography / sfgirlbybay

travel story photography / sfgirlbybay

romantic cave pool in greece / sfgirlbybay

white-washed cityscape / sfgirlbybay

pink vintage fainting chair / sfgirlbybay

tropical rooftop bar /sfgirlbybay

plant still life photography / sfgirlbybay

quirky pink windows with shutters / sfgirlbybay

beautiful still life photography / sfgirlbybay

modern cityscape photography / sfgirlbybay

• all photography by kate holstein.

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