at home with neville trickett.
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the durban, south africa home of neville trickett / sfgirlbybay

have you ever had a special someone at the top of your favorite people list that you’ve never actually met in person? well, neville trickett and i have never met, nor have i had the pleasure of meeting his lovely family, but i’ve long admired them from afar. a fashionista, freelance creative director and “a culture anthropologist and fanatical collector”, as well as a purveyor of exotic botanicals, neville has a quirky creativity i just identify with and we’ve been internet pals since 2009. neville and his wife sharon trickett now live in durban, south africa but when we first discovered each on flickr many moons ago and neville invited me to share his home, they lived on their beautiful family farm in the dargle, kwazulu-natal south africa. i discovered they’d found another home (8 years ago — where has the time gone?), a 1960’s bungalow on a private little road in Morningside Durban when i saw it on instagram unexpectedly. it had been awhile, so i was thrilled to reconnect with neville once again and to now share their incredible new home is a happy pleasure indeed.

old hollywood style mixed with modern collectors items / sfgirlbybay

The structure, bones, and proportions of the bungalow they found were solid and honest — just right for what they were looking for, and it had epic inland views with the total privacy they had hoped to find. All of the tricketts’ homes start with a fantasy in mind. Often it’s just a crazy mix of things they love or have collected over the years. sharon and neville’s fantasy here was Hollywood circa 1940’s — dusty glamor with evidence of their worldly travels to North Africa and the East. Durban has a hot humid climate, a bit like Miami in the summer, so working air conditioning is a big luxury, and the utilities in this house all work perfectly, unlike their farm where everything is broken or held together with duct tape. neville says their overriding aesthetic is mixing super cheap finds with the odd investment pieces — just my style. and this house oozes with unique, eclectic style! just like my friend — neville trickett. you can follow neville, or @trickster55 on instagram for much more inspiration and be sure to check out saint verde botanicals on instagram, too. check below for sources for some of these incredible collections. thanks, neville!

the unique, eclective style of neville trickett / sfgirlbybay

dining room with floor to ceiling diamond quilted porcelain tiles / sfgirlbybay

Two fabulous walls are floor to ceiling diamond quilted porcelain tiles which reflect a cool light; they then painted the floors gloss white to reflect that light. The dining room table is Saarinen marble and neville recovered the tulip chairs in a slightly different red. The wall of prints (below) are from the Amazing Japanese artist Ikenaga Yasunarineville liked the idea of the frames all touching each other. he now goes to Japan three times a year — “It’s my drug of choice.”

wall of prints from Japanese artist Ikenaga Yasunari / sfgirlbybay

white tulip chairs with modern red uplostery / sfgirlbybay

modern wall art in collector neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

gold armchairs using quilted vinyl and blond birch wood / sfgirlbybay

neville’s personal favourite is the long wallpaper frieze by Joan Nelson he bought in New York 15 years ago. the lounge curtains are from tricia guild. the Wall sconce lights (just below) were bought in Paris and are from the designer Mattia Bonetti — “I am a huge fan of his work, sadly nowadays his prices are CRAZY”. The pendant lights are all by David Trubridge and The stone labradorite coffee table was an off-cut found in a stone factory — they just placed it on top of bent chrome legs. “Re-purposing stuff from factories is a big thrill for me”.

decorative items in neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

wall scone lights by designer Mattia Bonetti /sfgirlbybay

stone labradorite coffee table / sfgirlbybay

a long wallpaper frieze by Joan Nelson amidst modern decor / sfgirlbybay

super-sized sofa in neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

The sofa is super-sized but the proportions were wrong so they cleverly cut the legs off! neville designed the gold armchairs using quilted vinyl and blond birch wood. The rugs are New Zealand wool, found on a big markdown from Overstock. they loved the geometric metal trays, KALEIDO by Clara Von Zweigbergk for HAY — the Perfect colour combinations and they think they will eventually install them on a wall. genius!

kaleidoscope trays neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

white quilted tile wall with framed prints and vases / sfgirlbybay

wood and gold chair with interesting textile on white quilted tile wall / sfgirlbybay

The Moroccan window was a find on their last trip there, as were the vintage portraits dotted around the house. They were made from the original glass negatives and have a real vintage feel to them. also scattered about the house are paintings from Alex Katz and Philip Taaffe.

moroccan style windows and throw pillows and textiles / sfgirlbybay

modern meets moroccan sitting room in neville trickett's home / sfgirlbybay

vintage Moroccan prints and gold poufs / sfgirlbybay

cabinet of treasured books / sfgirlbybay

neville’s office is cozy with an old stuffed up chesterfield couch, more vintage Moroccan prints, cabinets for a small but important collection of treasured books, plus other stuff neville likes “to look at to put me in good mood”.

art in neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

moroccan style tile curtains and pendant lamp / sfgirlbybay

decorative peices from neville trickett's south african home / sfgirlbybay

collectors items in neville trickett's home in durban. south africa / sfgirlbybay

stylish men's shoes on interesting rug / sfgirlbybay

eclectic bedroom in neville trickett's durban home / sfgirlbybay

neville trickett's south african home / sfgirlbybay

modern bathroom in neville trickett's home / sfgirlbybay

unique tile work in neville trickett's home / sfgirlbybay

outdoor patio with potted cacti and tile in south africa / sfgirlbybay

• all photography by neville trickett.

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