good reads: Chic Boutiquers at Home.
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author ellie tennant has a brand new book out, entitled Chic Boutiquers at Home — and it’s quite a clever concept. featuring twelve online store owners, the concept only makes perfect sense me — if you’re truly fond of a shop’s look it’s only natural you may love the look of their homes, too. ellie takes a look at these shop owners’ stylish homes and then provides a useful chapter about how we might go about setting up an online shop of our own, comparing platforms like Shopify, Big Cartel, Etsy and so on, with lots of expert tips and advice from these shop owners.

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The result is part-decorating book, part-shopping directory – a smörgåsbord of fascinating interiors from a new generation of online style gurus who do much more than just sell homewares; They inspire and delight their customers, too, offering glimpses into their gorgeous homes and covetable lifestyles. From brooklyn, New York to the netherlands, and the U.K. Chic Boutiquers at Home shares a plethora of great information about starting your own online shop and a most inspiring look into some really beautiful homes.

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You can read more about Chic Boutiquers at Home all this week on the blog book tour, earlier this week it was featured on Lobster & Swan and The Style Files (whose home is included in the book); and next up this week is VosgesParis; Happy Mundane; and My Scandinavian Home on the weekend.

• photography via Ellie Tennant for Chic Boutiquers at Home, photography by James Gardiner, published by Ryland Peters & Small.

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