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pink flowers from twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

On the outskirts of Silver Lake just a stone’s throw from the ever popular Sqirl on Virgil Avenue, Twig & Twine is the perfect stop for a spontaneous fresh bouquet or thoughtful gift. Heather has been creating beautiful floral arrangements for nine years and expanded into her retail shop two years ago. With the door propped open and the smell of fresh flowers wafting in the air, enter Twig & Twine to browse her delightful collection of home goods, cookbooks, succulents and unique gifts. I guarantee you’ll walk out of the shop in a better mood than you came in with.

twig & twine retail space with wood shelving / sfgirlbybay

hanging wall art at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

indigo curtains at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

thick rope and potted grass on display at twig & twine in l.a. / sfgirlbybay

blankets and hanging planters and wall art for sale at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

cookbooks on display at twig & twine in l.a. / sfgirlbybay

assorted plants, planters and woven baskets at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

shop owner heather williams at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

wooden display shelves at twig & twine l.a. / sfgirlbybay

assorted books for sale at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

flowers books and pots for sale at twig and twine / sfgirlbybay

twig & twine flower shop in los angeles / sfgirlbybay

twig & twine in silver lake / sfgirlbybay

twig & twine shop owner Heather Williams / sfgirlbybay

vintage outdoor chair and assorted cacti for sale at twig & twine / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Does anybody know the artist/name of the print of white flowers on a neutral background? (in one of the composite photos) – I’m obsessed!

    Really appreciate it…

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