living with: frida kahlo.
by victoria comment


colorful frida kahlo photograph / sfgirlbybay

Frida Kahlo, circa 1937. Photo by Nickolas Muray via csjcl riverside.

as with many talented people who die young, there’s such a mysterious air around frida kahlo, and so much fascination with her life as an artist — i thought it might be fun to imagine what her home life might look like. i know she lived in the blue house which is now a museum, but i had fun re-imagining it to be colorful, eclectic and quite bohemian — much like the Tehuana style clothing she wore and the vibrant, exotic self-portraits she painted. after the car accident that left her in severe pain, i read that the more she was suffering or worse she was feeling, the more adornment she would wear — i hope in doing so, it somehow lifted her spirits. i’m going to imagine her home to be colorfully adorned as well. have a look at my imagined world of frida kahlo.

modern frida kahlo inspired living room / sfgirlbybay

Molly DeCoudreaux photography for homework.

homewares reminiscent of frida kahlo / sfgirlbybay

archiectural digest españa; gypsy sea life; culture club; Vintage Kilim No. 5 from nomad; mirabelle rug from lulu & georgia; and a lovely life.

turquoise french doors / sfgirlbybay

elle decor.

imagery inspired by frida kahlo / sfgirlbybay

house and garden; ann street studio; tom blachford photography; collector’s weekly; free people blog; and decordemon.

pink wall with mona lisa print hung above wicker chairs / sfgirlbybay

local milk retreats.

bedroom with frida kahlo vibes / sfgirlbybay

the design files.

textiles and plants reminiscent of friday kahlo / sfgirlbybay

maren winkler; the leo is all in the mind; apartment therapy; maison boheme; milk magazine.

14 responses to “living with: frida kahlo.”

  1. Oh I love this post. Frida is hugely inspiring, in her artwork and aesthetic as well as her strength and personality. I’d love to bring this kind of spirit into my own home…

  2. Beautiful post – you really did nail the essence. I too was fortunate enough to visit Casa Azul this May and some of the rooms you’ve selected really channel/evoke her spirit.

  3. Wow. As in, you reimagined a more European home for a woman who spent 25 years creating a Mexican one. one which was part of a lifetime creating a place for non western ideas in the arts and in women’s lives. Ummm….congratulations? The very definition of privilege.

    • Laurie, I’m really confused by your comment. I gathered all these images from all over the globe – from Cuba, to Mexico, Europe and beyond – just like I do with all kinds of curations I’ve put together – from Stockholm, to Berlin to New York etc. It’s supposed to be fun and creative, and in no way insulting. Please don’t look for something offensive that just isn’t here. And this assumption of “privilege” is way off base. You know nothing of my background, where I live and who my family and friends include. I think you might be surprised.

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