greenhouse love.
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lovely greenhouse decor / sfgirlbybay

Femke Pastijn styling + photography by Jeroen van der Spek.

i recently shared my patio makeover with you, but what i’ve only shared a few glimpses of here and there on instagram is the rest of my yard — which consists of a very large and daunting hillside i need to landscape. i’m getting to that, but then at the very top of the hill is this plateau, where i’ve been thinking a little greenhouse type shed might be fun to build. these photos really inspired me to look further into the idea. especially brian w. ferry’s photographs of edible gardens L.A. — i may have to look up founder Lauri Kranz and see what her services are like. i’ve also seen where people DIY their own greenhouses from piecing together salvaged windows — that could be really cool, too. regardless, i hope these images inspire you as much as they did me.

store selling modern greenhouse decor / sfgirlbybay

binti home blog (above + below).

hanging plant in greenhouse supply store / sfgirlbybay

large modern greehouse with hanging plants / sfgirlbybay

edible gardens L.A. by brian w. ferry photography (above + below).

chic greenhouse / sfgirlbybay

indoor greenhouse glass cabinet / sfgirlbybay

remain simple.

modern furnished greenhouse / sfgirlbybay

edible gardens L.A. by brian w. ferry photography (above + below).

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