win a joybird chair of your own design.
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customizable chairs from joybird / sfgirlbybay

design your own furniture! at los angeles-based joybird, this custom furniture company invites their customers to pick and choose their colors and fabrics for their furniture and even allows them to choose their dimensions. with over 1,000 fabric / leather / wood stain combinations, Joybird is a mid-century modern online furniture store that allows you to customize your own furniture and really personalize your space. they’ll also mail out free fabric swatches to help you design perfectly color-coordinated furniture for your home. joybird then delivers the product free to your doorstep or sets it up in the room of your choice — they also give you 365 days to think about it! so to celebrate their ingenuity, we’re giving away a joybird chair of your own design!

design your own mid-century modern style chair / sfgirlbybay
to enter to win a joybird chair of your choice, and your own design, simply:

• visit the joybird site, and have a look at their chair options. then:

1. Select the Chair
2. Choose the Fabric
3. Choose the Wood Stain

• comment back here with your favorite chair/fabric/wood stain.

• please comment by tuesday, november 3rd, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• so sorry, but this time the giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later the week of November 3rd, so be sure and follow along.

Here’s a video to show you just how they do it — enjoy!

283 responses to “win a joybird chair of your own design.”

  1. I love Joybird’s designs and the option to choose-your-own-adventure with furniture! My favorite combo is the Soto Chair in Cordova Turquoise and Walnut stain

  2. Thank you for the chance to win a Soto chair.The Collins Chair with the pet and child friendly fabric in Monaco Citrus would be just right with a Natural Stain.

  3. I have been looking for a new chair and the Eastwood chair in Taylor Felt Grey with a medium wood stain would be perfect!

  4. Definitely the Collins chair! And I LOVE that you can send in your own fabric and they will use it – I would probably send in an off-white in sunbrella fabric – so easy to clean. And the walnut stain, please!! Love this site – definitely going to look at the sofas too!

  5. OH MAN want iiit we are struggling with potential purchase of a house right now and some brand new furniture would definitely take the sting out :-) I LOVE the Hopson in cordova amber with the medium legs — so retro!!

  6. This is probably the fastest comment I’ve ever written- I’ve been dreaming about a joy bird chair for months, so it was an easy pick! The Keyser rocking chair in Brighton Indigo, walnut stain- we don’t have a little one on the way yet but I’ve already planned a nursery design around it (in my mind), it’s that perfect. Absolutely love that they are all handmade, beautiful craftsmanship!

  7. The Hughes, in that gorgeous shade of Key Largo Zenith Teal, with Walnut legs. I’ve always been obsessed with Joybird’s design!

  8. Great chairs are hard to find, what a great company.

    I love the Powell chair with Monaco Cement fabric and a natural wood stain.

  9. I just received their fabric samples, they are gorgeous. I would. Love the hughes chair. In district Mineral and a walnut stain

  10. I love all mid-century modern furniture, I could probably be happy with anything from their website! I chose the Hughes Chair is District Mineral with a Walnut finish.
    I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for this!

  11. wow these chairs are all so amazing! i’m particularly smitten by the collins chair in taylor felt grey with a medium stain.

  12. Wow!! I had so much fun designing my chair. I love the Eastwood Chair with walnut stain. For fabric I am torn between the more practical Vibe Smokey (lovely) or the more eye catching Vibe Aquatic. Tough call, might need to go eye catching on this one!! Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Just bought my first house and have been on the hunt for the perfect chair. Thanks for sharing Joybird with me!

    Paley Rocking Chair
    Lucky Divine

  14. I haven’t seen the Joybird website before but now I spent quite a bit of time picking out what chair I would want! I think the Collins Chair in Walnut with the Brompton Mocha leather since I don’t have any leather in my house. Fabric would have to be the Collins Chair in Medium with the Elizabeth Royal fabric.

  15. my VERY fave is the
    1. Hughes Chair
    2. Bentley Daisy
    3. Walnut stain!!

    I love all their stuff but this is my favorite….I WILL own it someday, one way or another!! :)

  16. Paley Rocking Chair, Bentley Indigo, Walnut Stain.

    99.9% sure that’d be the most perfect rocking chair combination for a brand new little one. :D

  17. Hey, I just moved into a barren apartment with my boyfriend and boy do we need an accent chair!! These are exactly what we’re looking for!

    Burns Chair
    Fabric: Dawson Eclipse
    Stain: Coffee Bean

    This would go AMAZING with our new modern gray couch with blue accent pillows, if only I could buy it!

    Email is best ngallo58 at gmail dot com

  18. I’m in love with the Soto Chair in medium stain with Notion Thunderbird fabric.

    I ordered a Elliot Sofa from them this summer in Key Largo Ash and am absolutely in love with it! This chair would be the perfect addition!

    Thank you for having all of these awesome giveaways! :)

  19. I had never heard of this site before but now I am in love!!!
    I saw the west chair in Brighton indigo leather with walnut stained legs… I don’t know why the indigo color speaks to me so much, but it looks like it would be an exceptional piece. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Oh my, so many lovely choices! I’m loving the Fitzgerald Armless Chair in Key Largo Bubblegum with a natural stain. Beautiful options!

  21. I’ve been dying for a leather chair for ages! I have a major crush on this one, though:
    1. Hughes chair
    2. Brompton Mocha
    3. Walnut stain

    I’m @tyleranneliese on Twitter & Instagram :)

  22. Wow, blown away by all of the options and how much fun that was! I would go with the Theo chair, in “notion: thunderbird” with walnut finish. What a charming chair to have!!

  23. I would love a beautiful bright piece for my empty apartment!

    I adore the Eastwood chair in Brighton Lemon Grass (leather) with the coffee bean wood feet.

  24. Have a new little one on the way, and the Paley rocking chair, lucky platinum, and walnut would be perfect for his nursery!

  25. I’ve been looking for a nice rocker and their Soto chair is gorgeous. I love the Bentley Daisey/medium wood combination.

  26. I’ve been wanting one of joybirds chairs for a while, but the budget’s just never been there!

    An Eastman in Raconteur Denim with coffee stain would be all too amazing.

  27. Eliot Chair
    District Sterling Fabric
    Walnut Finish
    That chair is beautiful, quiet, classic, and masculine, just like my husband.

  28. My fiance and I LOVE these chairs!
    We already got a sample kit from them last week.

    We love the Hughes Chair in Vibe Passion with Medium wood.

    All of their colors and craftsmanship is amazing, can’t wait to make this chair a centerpiece in our mid-century home.

  29. If we’re allowed to choose Leather then I’d go with the Anton Chair in Brompton Mocha Leather with coffee bean stain. If leather isn’t an option then I’d choose the Soto Chair in Cordova Picante with a walnut stain.

  30. I’ve been admiring Joybird furniture since I saw their ad on this site some time ago. I especially love the clean, classic lines of the Soto chair. I would love to make a reading nook in my living room with the Soto in Dawson Pismo fabric and natural wood finish. Gorgeous!

  31. Powell Chair/Vibe Aquatic/Walnut

    The Powell is a great mix of modern design and traditional wood vibe. It is also well sized for my small home. The Vibe Aquatic fabric gives it a real punch – showstopper!

  32. I am in the market for a wonderful new living room chair. The Soto chair in Brighton Matisse leather (my current chair with its woven fabric has become my cat’s scratching post) with Coffee Bean stain would be perfect. Thank you!

  33. Fitzgerald Chair, Cordova Turquoise, Coffee bean. LOVE their stuff! And I love chairs specifically, so this would be a dream come true!

  34. The store of my mid century dreams!

    Whether I am selected or not, I am getting the Hughes Armless chair with a walnut stain and Vista Fountain fabric.

    I can’t wait. My Z couch is being reupholstered in an orange boucle as we speak.

  35. I’ve been stalking the sectionals lately so when we finally have our addition built I can buy a beautiful new couch to enjoy with the whole family!! As for a chair, the Soto in Walnut with Sync Autumn Rain fabric is drool worthy!!

  36. Wow this company is amazing!

    I think the Hyland chair in Cordova Mineral with a Medium stain is just what our house needs. So dreamy!!!

  37. LOVE these! fav is the leather collins chair in either brompton mocha or brompton classic with walnut or coffee bean finish!

  38. Dying over this design and price point! Not to mention made in USA?! YES PLEASE! I am in love with the amazing lines of the Soto Chair and the beautiful triangles it creates. Paired with a modern tweed to give the piece some depth and texture to pop off of the always stylish walnut frame creates a classic mid-century modern piece I would be lucky to have in my home.
    Chair Frame: Soto
    Fabric: Vista Midnight
    Finish: Walnut

  39. how fun!

    beautiful furniture!!!

    my five year old son says: testa chair, bentley indigo, natural stain…clearly it is his choice :)

    woo hoo!

  40. This was so much fun browsing through the different options! I love the Collins Chair in Bentley Indigo with the Walnut finish.

  41. What a cool concept; could definitely see myself enjoying a glass of wine and reading a good book in one of these babies! Love the Ryder Chair in Key Largo Kelly Green with Walnut Finish.

    Thanks for another GREAT giveaway!

  42. wow, what beautiful design, wood, and colors.

    soto chair in cordova amber and walnut.
    or the fitzgerald in grass and walnut

    thanks for this giveaway!

  43. Hi Victoria,
    I’m always on the hunt for a good reading chair and the Eliot in Cordova Amber and Medium has my name written all over it! I’ve always loved Joybird from afar, I hope I have a chance to win!
    Thank you so much,

  44. I’ve been wanting one of these chairs forever. Today it’s the Paley rocking chair with Cordova Eclipse fabric and a walnut stain.

  45. Collins Rocking Chair – for its balanced distribution of wood vs. upholstery
    Vibe in Smokey – for its rusticity – and soft grey goes with everything

  46. I enjoyed looking at the gallery and seeing their furniture in people’s homes.
    After much enjoyable deliberation, I selected the Knight chair, with black Cowboy leather, and medium stain legs. Crossing my fingers!

  47. I adore Joybird! I have the Franklin sofa and LOVE it! What a great giveaway!

    The Hughes Chair with natural wood finish in vibe aquatic would be AMAZING.

  48. Ohhh these are beautiful!
    I love the Hughes Chair in Key Largo with a medium wood stain.
    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  49. Oh I love Joybird, I have a long list of Joybird designs that I’d love to own one day. :)
    I’d choose the FItzgerald Chair, Notion Thunderbird, Walnut Stain.

  50. I would choose the Collins Rocking chair, natural wood stain, in the Monaco water color. All of the Joybird chairs are simply stunning.

  51. I would photograph the heck out of all this furniture!

    Soto Chair with a Coffee Bean finish. There are so many wonderful options for colors, I think I would be happy with multiple, but if I have to pick then Taylor Felt Grey.

    Email is preferred point of contact studionoirenj (a) gmail dot com

  52. I love the Hughes Chair, Key Largo Bubblegum with coffee bean wood stain. I could just picture that chair in my new home!!! Pink all the way

  53. So much fun to looks at all the possible choices!!.
    I love the Soto Chair in Medium wood stain with District Sterling Fabric.

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