golden hour.
by victoria comment


gold and pink room with exposed wood beam ceiling / sfgirlbybay

jessica tremp’s beautifully converted studio.

last night i had my family over for dinner and we dined al fresco on the new patio — such a warm, wonderful evening. tonight, it’s threatening rain and i’m hunkered down under a cozy blanket. fall is in the air. and with it, that beautiful golden light. amber and rosy hues take over the hillside outside, and it’s the closest thing we get to autumn here in L.A. — but i’ll take it. it’s beautiful, just like the colors in these pretty spaces. the warm glow of pink and shades of gold look so divine together, don’t they?

glass pendant lamp over a salmon sofa / sfgirlbybay

Elle Decoration UK April 2013, via arkpad.

gold and pink fabrics hanging on a clothes line / sfgirlbybay

domino magazine.

silver floor pillow with gold blanket and patterned rug / sfgirlbybay

vegan leather moroccan pouf from free people.

gold and pink patterned throw pillows / sfgirlbybay

Patched Circa Floor Pillow by susan connor from the merchant home.

gold and pink moroccan textiles with mid-century modern furniture / sfgirlbybay

sophie munro photography.

pale pink wall with raffia lamp and stool / sfgirlbybay

Natural raffia lamp from la casa decoto.

simple kitchen with golden hues / sfgirlbybay

all items loaded.

stone walls with ivory and gold home furnishings / sfgirlbybay

reid arcade.

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  1. What an inspiring, beautiful post! Your blog always energizes me; I so appreciate your good taste and sensibility. Thank you.

  2. reading about fall in LA reminds me of the lyrics from b&w movies by andrew mcmahon in the wilderness:

    as the summer came and left with the rain
    pushing shadows down the road
    in this old beach town when the sun goes down all the gray turns into gold
    got no plans just a feeling
    I’m no architect at all
    there’s a fan on the ceiling
    and a telephone that you should call

    you were out at dawn with your wet suit on
    that’s the picture in my mind
    now the waves still crash on the bonfire ash that the tourists leave behind
    waves of sound waves of static
    through the window in my room
    and the seeds that you planted
    in the coffee cup that never bloomed

    • Perfectly said, Nohatnogloves! Victoria, WHERE do you find all these gorgeous places! (I mean, obviously you have noted and credited exactly where you found each one of them, but i just mean in the grand sense how do you have such a great eye??!!! Lucky us that you do.)

      • thank you kim! i love curating them all together into one cohesive post. i used to be an art buyer and had to search for stock photography that didn’t look “like stock”, so i think it gave me some good skills that i can put to use here on the blog when it comes to finding imagery i’d like to share.

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