my personal jawbone “coach”.
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one of the things that happened quite surprisingly after moving to los angeles is that without really thinking about it i lost ten pounds! i think it had a lot to do with the fact i moved two blocks from elysian park and started to hike there every day with my pup lucy, and it was so darn hot out i just wasn’t as hungry as i normally would be — so i ate a lot less. but then it got TOO hot (over 100 degrees) and we didn’t even want to go outside, let alone hike, so the pounds starting creeping back up. ugh — i hate the up and down weight gain. so i’m trying the Jawbone UP3 to get back on track before the holiday parties do me in for good!

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i’m not going crazy but making small, thoughtful changes — hiking again almost everyday about 2+ miles and doing yoga and free weights. lucy’s helping — or rather pushing me away to do her own downward dogs — that girl’s really inspiring. the Jawbone UP3 helps me track my steps, distance we’ve hiked and the calories i’ve burned. it also tracks my food, including calories and nutrients in a way that lets me know if i’m eating right. the Jawbone UP system also offers insights and turns these measurements into meaning, and guides me to make healthier choices every day. and lastly, it also automatically captures the number hours i’ve slept, and the quality of my sleep which has always been something i’ve struggled with. i’m the type that lays awake and night, unable to turn my brain off, so between the exercise and eating better and the sleep capture i’m already feeling back on track! designed by Yves Béhar, it also looks great, so it’s easier to keep on wearin’ every darn day.

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lifting free weights and doggie yoga / sfgirlbybaydownward dog on a pink yoga mat / sfgirlbybay

• photography by ivan solis.

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  1. Yay for yoga! I left my corporate job more than two years ago in order to teach yoga full time. Best decision I ever made!! Let me know if you need any tips for sequences – I’d love to help!

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