the little black cabinet.
by victoria comment


classic black wood cabinet with white dishware / sfgirlbybay

michelle patee.

much like the little black dress, the black cabinet can be a lifesaver. it’s a multi-functional piece of furniture that you can dress up, or dress down. prefect for storage, but it looks good too! you can use a black cabinet in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas — essentially any place in the home you need to stash some unsightly stuff — or, show off something great. white dishware, for instance, look so smashing displayed in a black cabinet. it really is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture out there, and whether you find one brand new (like those just below from IKEA); <DIY one with a coat of black paint, or find a vintage one that’s well-loved and worn, the black cabinet will never let you down.

a collection of chic black cabinets / sfgirlbybay

the essence of the good life; woontrendz; brabourne farm; and so soft sunday.

elegant black cabinet with tall legs and glass doors / sfgirlbybay

nina takesh.

matching IKEA black Fabrikor cabinets / sfgirlbybay

IKEA’s FABRIKÖR black cabinets.

black buffet cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

style essentials.

vintage black wood cabinet / sfgirlbybay


stylish black dining room cabinet / sfgirlbybay

stadshem (above + below).

black dining room cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

tall black cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

daniella witte.

black wood cabinet in modern entry way / sfgirlbybay

splendid willow.

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  1. Today I bought a vintage cabinet and painted it black.
    I’m now admiring it and referring back to the piece your blogged about for further inspiration.
    thank you =^^=

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