dash & albert dog beds: a giveaway!
by victoria comment


black and white striped dog bed / sfgirlbybay

Dash & Albert is mainly known for the wonderful rugs, but they also have a great collection of Dog Beds. The company is actually named after the founder, Annie Selke’s, two dogs, Dash and Albert. they very kindly sent my pup lucy a beautiful dog bed for our downtown studio and as you can see — lucy approved! lucy said we should give one away and how could i argue? she’s the boss around here, so we’re giving away one dash & albert Trimaran Stripe Wouf dog bed in the size and color of your choice to one lucky pup!

dash and albert striped dog bed / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win a dash & albert Trimaran Stripe Wouf dog bed in the size and color of your choice, simply:

• follow annie selke co. on instagram.

• comment below letting us know you followed on instagram.

• please comment by friday, november 27th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• sorry, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account the week of november 30th, so be sure and follow along.

striped dog bed by dash & albert / sfgirlbybay

• photographs of lucy by sfgirlbybay. woof!

200 responses to “dash & albert dog beds: a giveaway!”

  1. I followed! (@catybarb) Maybe our little furball will take to sleeping in her own bed and not taking up half of ours! (Then again, I kind of love when she comes up to cuddle in the middle of the night.) :)

  2. I followed (@christinemreedy)! Dash & Albert beds are great :) We have a number of dog beds across the house for our three pups.

  3. I followed on Instagram ( @maryelizalinton ).

    I love this giveaway! We are shopping for a new bed for our fur-child and I know he would love one of these :)

  4. Our two corgis, Fanny & Bambi always sleep curled up together… So far they have turned down every signed we’ve purchased and jump up on the couch to sleep (even with those short little legs). We would be SO thrilled to have one of these excellent beds! It will save us pooch für on the sofa and save them future back trouble from all that tiny leg/long spine jumping!

  5. Following on instagram. I can always use another stylish dog bed for my two beloved mutts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Just followed on Instagram! We are getting our first dog in just three weeks — it would be so great to have this bed for it! @rjelmore

  7. We just moved into a new house, with hard wood floors throughout. So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect second dog bed for Gerty (one in the bedroom, one in the living room) and this would be PERFECT.


  8. Followed! My big puppy has outgrown his bed! If I don’t win this, I may contemplate buying him a twin sized bed. Haha.

  9. followed on insta (@rig_moranis)! i’ve been looking for a good quality + aesthetically pleasing bed for my pup. this is perfect.

  10. following! my 13 yr old dachshund would loooove this. he just had major surgery last week and needs as much comfort as possible!

  11. Following on Instagram! My 6 year old bull terrier loves nothing more than his bed. With so much use…he could definitely use a new one!

  12. My boxer Izzy would look soooo adorable in that cute bed! I followed her on IG. My handle for Twitter and Instagram is @Trickyjen

    Hope I win

  13. Following on instagram! look for @dinahsaurr.

    They look beautiful and classic! My little Mona would love it. The graphite, platinum, and light blue colors all appeals to me! Maybe graphite to match the black fur :P

  14. Have been following Annie for awhile and LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ my Dash and Albert rugs! My golden Lily would be thrilled with that bed! PS @sfgirlbybay – your book is awesome!

  15. I followed!
    @giuliettanicole on Twitter and Instagram
    Cats and hubbies need beautiful Dash and Albert goods, too. :)

  16. Followed on instagram! @amyhstone. My sweet husky puppy already loves our new dash and albert rug….he would LOVE a dash and albert bed!!! Fingers crossed!

  17. HUGE Dash & Albert fan! Followed on Instagram @pockettam My adorable Westie puppy, Maesie, would LOVE having a new bed to keep her warm and comfy for the winter!

  18. I am following on Instagram @ErinLoves2Run

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  19. Love these beds! My pug would go crazy for one. We followed via his Instagram – @oliverthelovepug !

    Thanks! Feel free to email if I win.

  20. I love these beds! I know my pup would, too, since we just had to toss hers. I might actually be tempted to gift one to the rescue I am a part of (and where we got our girl).

  21. Followed! My little pup @dapplethedog (on IG) definitely needs a beautiful little bed like that!

    Find me on twitter @jenstee ! :)

  22. Lucy looks absolutely darling on that cute bed! Monty Would be styling in studly way. Following. Twitter: @heatherinfrisco

  23. Lucy looks like she loves that cozy bed! CUTIE! Monty is dreaming of winning! Love your blog❤️ Following. (Twitter/Instagram @heatherinfrisco )

  24. My Lola and Buddy would love a new dog bed to share! And your Lucy is gorgeous with those blue eyes!

    Followed on instagram.

  25. Just followed! (@lexadamsdesign) I’ve been looking for a new dog bed that isn’t hideous- it’s hard to find. Fortunately this popped up in my search, thanks Victoria!

  26. Followed! I have 4 rescue pups (FOUR! Insanity.) who fight over the same bed. They need a new favorite!
    These are gorgeous.

  27. how fun! I didn’t realize that Dash & Albert carried dog beds in addition to their lovely rugs! Thanks for the alert. I followed on Instagram – I’m @lllibs

  28. This bed is just the greatest! My pup would look so dapper sleeping on this! Followed on instagram and crossing my fingers!

  29. I have a Bassett with the same coloration! what crazy, fun dogs. Mine has gotten on a desk, found car keys and set off car alarm at 3:00 am, gotten on the washing machine, broken into a quart of paint and painted himself deep apricot, broken into the pantry and scattered 1000 paper napkins across the kitchen floor!!! and more.

  30. I love Dash & Albert! I never knew that was Annie Selke! So…of course, I’m following now! We just moved and are looking for a new bed for our mutt, Coop! He would love one of the beds! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  31. With 2 huge dogs- we could definitely use one of these stylish beds in the house!
    Following on Instagram (coopandmax)!

  32. Family member, Cruiser, would Love one of these giant beds, since he’s a gigantic yellow lab, currently relaxing in a gigantic kitchen corner cage he’s outgrowing. Followed you on Instagram @annie selke co. Love this blog!!

  33. I am now a follower of @annie selke co. And my three dogs, Pagoda, Vash, and Chantry would love a new bed to share! I am @msflyingbomb on Twitter and Instagram.

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