dark days ahead.
by victoria comment


dark green cabinet and woven home furnishings / sfgirlbybay

bolig liv.

i’ve mentioned before how shades of green keep popping up before my eyes everywhere on the internet, but i’m now noticing the greens are getting darker and darker — harkening back to those days long ago (was it the early 80’s?) when dark forest green was the thing. it’s moody, dramatic and surprisingly soothing — a room drenched in dark green seems like a really lovely spot for a nap, or perhaps a late afternoon board game of cluemrs. peacock in the conservatory with the candlestick!

moody decor in various shade of green / sfgirlbybay

vt wonen (above + below).

modern home decor in shades of green and blue / sfgirlbybay

dark green bedroom wall with bedding in shades of green and gray / sfgirlbybay

society limonta via french by design.



circular brass bar cat with green vases and bowl / sfgirlbybay

vt wonen.

mid-century modern chairs with area rug in shades of green / sfgirlbybay

casa vogue.

teal bedroom walls with gold throw and green velvet chair / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest espana

kitchen styled with green ceramic bowls / sfgirlbybay

vt wonen (above + below).

teal duvet with dark green bed sheets and pillow / sfgirlbybay

6 responses to “dark days ahead.”

  1. I just painted my kitchen a darkish greyish blue-green (BM Sioux Falls). I feel totally validated now ;) It really goes nicely with brass and gold accents.

  2. Loving this. I love the drama of the dark shades, but with the cool tones it never feels overwhelming. And ditto to the love for gold and green. Perfection.

  3. I’ve just started welcoming green back into my wardrobe. Especially if it’s a pattern (stripes, plaid), I grab it!

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