wear this there: margot house barcelona.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


hotel room inspired by margot tenenbaum / sfgirlbybay

“I’m fine, thank you.” is one of Margot Tenenbaum’s finest quotes, yet how can we be fine knowing there is a brand new hotel in the heart of Barcelona that was inspired by the infamous character herself? With a serious case of FOMO that we are not, in fact, curled up in one of Margot Houses’ fluffy white beds as we speak (or possibly taking leave to hide out in the bathroom) — we have laid down some of our favorite current looks that we know Margot would have just adored. Melancholically, of course.

hotel in barcelona inspired by margot from The Royal Tenenbaums / sfgirlbybay

shopping guide inspired by  margot tenenbaum / sfgirlbybay

1. Sister Jane Amethyst Dress; 2. Zara Studio Faux Fur Dress; 3. FLASH BOBBI pin SET in BLUSH + BLACK GLITTER from ban.do; 4. Christopher Lace Up; 5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil; 6. Nastygal Awe Structured Leather Bag; and 7. monica vinader’s Rose Gold Plated friendship bracelet — engraved, of course.

hotel room in barcelona with interior styling inspired by margot tenenbaum / sfgirlbybay

hotel interior in barcelona inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums character margot / sfgirlbybay

still from a scene featuring margot in The Royal Tenenbaums / sfgirlbybay

clean hotel room design inspired by the character margot from The Royal Tenenbaums / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Okay, I love this so much! Margot Tennenbaum is so uniquely stylish and broody–and has so many great lines. My fave is “I guess we’ll just have to be secretly in love with each other…” The only thing this room is missing is a flashlight. Love it. Great post!

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