the bloomsbury kitchen.
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kitchen in victorian lodon home / sfgirlbybay

London’s deVol kitchens sent me an email this week sharing this stunning shaker Kitchen in a victorian home in the heart of London. dreamy, right? i’m working away on my own kitchen remodel ideas, so it was great to get a peek at devol’s Bloomsbury WC1 Kitchen. their client opted to use Flint, a color from their bathroom range — so atmospheric and sophisticated, perfectly complimenting their lovely Victorian home. deVOL’s creative director, Helen Parker, explains: “The color somehow gave a feeling of complete authenticity, nothing in the room jarred, there was just an overall feeling of getting it ‘spot on’.” i’ll say!

shaker kitchen painted flint in london home / sfgirlbybay

shaker kitchen in victorian london home / sfgirlbybay

devol’s Shaker cabinets feel simple and uncomplicated, and the choice of honed marble worktops and splashback look just perfect. my favorite bit is the marble backsplash behind the stove — just gorgeous. i also love the copper cabinet pulls and lighting fixture. The two open wall cabinets are an impressive feature, as well and allow their client to neatly display all of their favorite pots, pans and glasses.
london kitchen with walls painted flint / sfgirlbybay

gray ktichen in victorian london home / sfgirlbybay

larder combination cabinet in london home / sfgirlbybay

The huge larder combination contains the fridge, freezer and a beautiful big pantry cupboard. not only grand, but is also extremely practical; it houses all of the pantry essentials, a microwave, a coffee making area, a honed marble cold shelf, two lovely and super spacious draws and a useful spice rack. i love the addition of devol’s painted Shaker peg rails for hanging mugs and utensils on, and a handy tray slot cabinet in the corner to store all of their lovely chopping and serving boards. Finally, the kitchen Island is on casters, making it very practical and easy to move about. Topped with Rustic Oak worktops, it’s the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful kitchen! kitchen goals, indeed.

stylish shaker kitchen in heart of london / sfgirlbybay

dark gray shaker kitchen in london home / sfgirlbybay

white ceramic dishware in london shaker kitchen / sfgirlbybay

shaker cabinets painted in flint / sfgirlbybay

shaker kitchen painted flint in london home / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of deVol kitchens.

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  1. Wow! I think this is my favorite kitchen of all time. It looks gorgeous and still has an amazing amount of storage. It’s making me rethink whether I want an Ikea kitchen. OTOH, this is probably super custom and expensive.

    • i know what you mean, and i’m not sure about costs, but i was just inspired by all the clever storage space, the color palette with copper accents — and that island on wheels. love the idea of being able to roll it out of the way, or use it as party serving station, or a bar cart.

  2. Whoa. Just gorgeous. I love when people are bold and decide on a deep, rich kitchen. In particular — do you know what the deal is with what looks like an amazing, movable wooden “shade” on that kitchen window? I’m intrigued by how it appears to be adjustable from bottom to top. Fascinating.
    Also — longtime reader and appreciater of your blog. Your content is fantastic. Thank you!

    • thank you joyo! i was wondering that too, and i think because it’s an old victorian home, it’s a shutter of some kind that slides up to cover the window. odd design, but probably original to the house.

  3. I am constantly being bombarded with pictures of all-white kitchens on Pinterest, and while I admire the bright, airy, clean look, there is just something so cozy and inviting about this dark kitchen! It probably helps that they have that big window.

  4. Hi I’m Paul O’Leary, the founder of deVOL Kitchens in the UK, and it’s great to see all your comments, you guys have taste and know something special when you see it. This kitchen is my favourite of 2015. The house cost 3 million pounds, but the kitchen was £25,000. The shutters that you spotted are a real rarity. They are called Highwayman shutters and I have only seen them in this part of London. They work just like sash windows; they are just visible when all the way down, or you can pull them up for privacy and security (from Highwaymen I suppose!) Thanks SF girl for the feature, we do sell in the US and ship over individual kitchens and we will be opening there soon, can’t say where yet cos I’ve been told off for jumping the gun, but there will be up to 6 stores mostly on the west coast, it won’t be long before you’ll have a deVOL near you. deVOL is my original business partner and my initials Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary and also, coincidentally it’s LOVed backwards!

  5. I agree, this is the most beautiful kitchen ever, so stylish yet so practical, you can tell it will be very well used every day.
    Do you know what colour this is? Is there a Farrow and Ball equivalent?

  6. Lovely kitchen and room set. However I believe the positioning of the range inside the chimney is now illegal, or against gas regs as I found out when trying to do the same arrangement in my kitchen. Not enough clearance either side of the burners. I wish I was wrong about that!i had to send the range cooker back…

  7. Amazing kitchen
    Please can you tell me the paint colour on the walls ???
    I live in England please help I just adore the wall colour and want to try and colour match !!
    Sophie uk

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