here’s to you and yours.
by victoria comment


mini christmas tree in tin bucket with folded linens / sfgirlbybay

dreamy whites.

despite all the chaos in the world (i don’t think any of us can be immune to all the turmoil out there right now) it’s personally been a very good year for me. for growth, for change and generally just feeling really happy and fortunate. i never thought i’d want to move back to los angeles after loving my life in san francisco for so long, but it’s been a really positive change for me. i’m closer to my family, which has been wonderful. my mum comes over and spends a few days at a time with me and we just hang out — not doing anything special in particular, but it’s just nice to have the luxury of being so near that we can just do nothing together and that’s okay. i’m closer to some of my good friends here too, and my social life has improved vastly. i can definitely be a loner and i used to spend hours upon days alone and that’s just not the case anymore — friends here make me feel creative and connected to the world again. and while of course i miss my dear san francisco friends, thankfully they’ve been visiting — but something’s shifted and it may have just been brought on by new surroundings and a fresh start, but whatever it is, i’m so very thankful.

christmas imagery / sfgirlbybay

and, i have my house — and that’s just the most fulfilling gift. it’s so rewarding to fix up a home that is genuinely all mine and share that with my family, and with you guys. i’ve never had that in my life before, but wanted it so badly — i don’t think i even realized how special it would feel for me until it actually happened. it seemed unattainable, but it’s a wonderful reality and i’m so appreciative and grateful for that.

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i’m signing off as i always do for the holidays — it’s the one break i take from the blog each year, and i hope you’ll be taking some time away from technology and spending more time with the people you love and inspire you. i’m so thankful for all of you, too — those of you who read the blog loyally and make me feel so creatively fulfilled. i am going to spend the next two weeks brainstorming and taking notes on ideas to make the blog better in 2016. i also wanted to mention that it does not go unnoticed that sometimes sponsored posts can be off-putting for you, but i hope you’ll please take a moment to consider that i spend about 60+ hours a week writing the blog, and without my sponsors’ support i couldn’t bring you free content to read five days a week, two or three times a day. i also choose that content very carefully, and dismiss many more than i take on, only sharing what i stand behind and always with you the readers in mind. it’s a career i don’t take for granted, and i very much consider all of your input — good and bad — constructive criticism keeps me on my toes! so if there’s something you’d like to share with me about what you’d like to see here in the future, i’d love to hear your thoughts. i’m already working on fresh, original ideas for more creative posts in 2016, so i can provide you with more inspiration for making your home and hopefully your life better and more beautiful. i just wanted to check in with you before i take off to thank you for your support, and wish you all a very happy holiday, lots of lovely rest and relaxation, and a very merry new year. i’ll see you all on instagram over the holidays and back here on the blog in january. until then, lots of love, victoria xx

collage 1 photo credits, by row: dreamy whites; my ideal home; Maaike Koster for bloesem living; broste collection; heidi hallingstad; urban outfitters; karin; thymes; live eco.

collage 2 photo credits, by row:lotta agaton; loreta; almost makes perfect; pi’lo; Saulė Ad; emma’s blog; herriott grace; bryn alexandra; dreamy whites.

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  1. Have a lovely Christmas and rest Victoria. What you write always strikes a chord with me. Your blog is such a gorgeous, inspiring space and a credit to you ! x

  2. I so get the sponsor thing and, frankly, I’ve been pretty impressed by your selections. The important thing to me is that I love your content and you often make my day better with your words and images. Like today, for one……
    I’m so happy that your year has been a good one in spite of all the shock and fear and turmoil we have all experienced. This coming year looks to be a challenging one, but we can all get through it if we remember to do it together.

    • thank you so much! that’s so nice to hear! and yes, we can work together to make changes for the better. it’s been a really difficult year for so many people – i’m thinking a lot about them this holiday.

  3. I am delighted you have had such a great year and long may it continue. I am also thrilled by these very satisfying Christmas images, proving once and for all that less really can be more at this crazed time of year.
    If you are pondering on the blog for next year, can I make a request for more of those posts that compare two separate things that are quite similar? I can’t remember what you call them but it is reflected in style or colours…something like Separated at Birth. Or am I just hallucinating from too much time in the blog world…perhaps.
    If not, just more lovely pictures and words from the sunny side of the world will do.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from England where we are feeling thankful that the Winter Solstice is here and celebrating in a neo-medieval fashion.

    • You did not hallucinate! :) I am planning on more Separated at Birth – I love doing them, they are just really time-consuming, but in a fun way. So glad to hear a few of you have been missing them, so I’d just better bring them back! :)

      Happy Christmas to you, Annie!

  4. Hello and Happy Christmas! Love your blog and just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed your book, it is so beautiful… So I’d like to see a book about LA now please :) also loved the separated at birth thing you used to do, would love to see that back. Looking forward to all your lovely 2016 posts already, have a restful break. Sponsored posts are fine by me, totally get the need for them. Another one sending love from England X

    • Happy Christmas, Carolyn! Yes – I will be bringing back Separated at Birth. I didn’t know you guys were missing those! :) And my publisher has asked for a SEE L.A. book, so we shall see in the new year. I’m thinking about what that might look like. :)

  5. Hi Victoria,
    Long time follower, first time commenting! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us, your blog is one that I look forward to daily. It is always fresh, personal, honest and authentic. I am not at all bothered by the sponsored posts, they are enabling you to bring your thoughts and insights to us. May you have a wonderful Christmas and break with your loved ones, and all the very very best to you for an inspired, happy, healthy 2016. Warmest, Tracy x

  6. Hey Victoria! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! Such a wonderful post to read. So happy that LA is the right place for you. Can’t ask for more than health and happiness!

    Would love to reconnect Twig and SFGirlbyBay in the new year!


  7. Merry Christmas Victoria!! I am a big fan of your style and am so happy that you choose to share it with all of us throughout the year. Have a great holiday and may the new year bring nothing but joy!

  8. Happy Holidays Victoria. I hope your break will be merry, restful and bright. I want to second Tracy G’s comments. This is my first time commenting but I’m also a daily reader of your blog for many years. I believe your blog is an exquisite gift to all who seek beauty in their lives. Your entries are consistently thoughtful, highly creative and authentic. Thanks for being you and sharing your aesthetic, ideas and visions with us. I find your humble “realness and authenticity” have me hooked and SFGBTB is my “go to site” every am: like opening a sweet gift while sipping my coffee.
    May 2016 be delicious, happy, adventurous and serene. Glad you followed your voice to land in LA with your own home. Deep gratitude for you.

  9. Really lovely heartfelt post – made me tear up. I am super happy for you and very glad to hear that LA not only suits you, you are thriving. Love to hear that the changes have been so positive.

  10. Hi Victoria,

    I have been a long time reader and I just love your blog.
    It’s really a job well done. I am very glad that you’ve had a good 2015, may the coming year be better…..happy holidays and keep inspiring us all with your lovely images and writing…..

    • I love that you’re in Lisbon, Chelsea! I’ve really enjoyed seeing your travel pictures from all over!! Happy Christmas and lots of love from L.A.! not as glamorous, right? ;)

  11. Hello there,
    Like some of the previous commenters, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment on your blog. I’ve wanted to for a long time though, to let you know that it’s my favorite blog. It’s funny, as I read your posts, I often imagine what it would be like to visit you. I know we would have a ton in common. Everything you post is just my taste but it’s not just about that. I becomes quite clear that you are a warm, amazing person. Thanks so much for the work that you do, to keep all of us inspired day to day. I love that you post throughout the day and it’s always drool-worthy.

    • thank you so much, marissa. it’s very sweet to hear that – i hope i’m coming across as myself. perhaps we’ll meet somewhere someday and you can tell me for sure! happy holidays!

  12. Victoria- such a beautifully written and thoughtful post, as usual. I think your sponsored posts are all so well done and clear – I don’t understand the trend to criticize bloggers in that regard and in my humble opinion you do it the best. Merry Everything to you and sweet Lucy. xo

  13. Happy Solstice/Happy Christmas – thanks for the effort you put into your blog! I can’t always check in every day/week and enjoy it immensely when I do. Enjoy a well-deserved break.

  14. I am so very happy to hear that things in your life are going well; it is so awesome to hear positive things amidst all the negativity out there!! I have loved your blog for a long time, and check it regularly. Have a great break and a very happy Christmas!!

  15. Victoria, I have no problem with your sponsored posts and here’s why: You are at heart an amazing stylist. So it doesn’t even matter what your raw materials are, even if they are products by sponsors, because you show people how to use those products and you come up with something beautiful each time. So you are providing a wonderful service. Keep doing it! — Windy

  16. A beautiful post to wrap up the year – so very happy for you in your new home with a new chapter of life ahead of you there. Your blog is one of the few I want to read every day – thank you for the inspiration and beautiful images (sponsored or not, your style comes through each post which is why I love your blog so much.) Have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2016.

  17. Victoria,

    I always enjoy your posts – both the thoughtful content and beautiful photos. You have an eye unlike anyone else on the web. I enjoy your fresh spirit!
    I totally understand the need for both sponsorship and a break! Recharge! Relax! And have a great holiday.

    Best, Geri

  18. What nice inspirational writing, I enjoy every day with my morning coffee, Thank You. Merry Christmas, Happy, Healthy New Year to You.

  19. Happy Christmas Victoria. I loved reading about how happy you are in your new home and back in LA. Nothing better than the feeling of your own home – never to be kicked out, to make it exactly how you want! Enjoy your well deserved break! Mel X

  20. Wonderful! I also moved back to the roots some years ago and I have never regretted it. So good to be near family and old friends! And an own place which is yours, that is irreplaceable. :)

    Happy holidays in L.A.! PS. I have a blog challenge for you on my blog. Hope you like it and would like to pick it up. :) It is a year summary with a few categories…:)

  21. I just wanted to write to say thank you for all the effort you put into your blog! It’s definitely a favorite (the favorite perhaps even!), and I think even your sponsored posts are a good read (and a good look for all the wonderful eye candy you share). Sixty hours a week sounds like a lot, even for a hardened academic like myself ^_^’ I have to say that it is a bit exciting to see a new post almost every work day (and sometimes two, with the time difference!).

    Happy New Year! I hope your positive direction continues for 2016. I’m looking forward to following you cover LA too :)

    x’s from Copenhagen,

  22. Happy New Year, Victoria! Your blog is one of the few that I still read on a regular basis, and it’s because you’ve got such fabulous taste, and a great eye for styling. Excited to see more of your adventures in LA, and I’d be curious to hear your assessment of how the design scenes differ between Northern and Southern California.

  23. We miss you Victoria but thrilled to hear LA has been such a positive change for you. I suspected it might be. All the best to you in 2016!

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