picture this: glittery gold.
by victoria comment


gold live inspiration board / sfgirlbybay

good monday morning everyone! we’re starting off the week with a little experimentation. i want to try some new things here on the blog in 2016, and challenge myself to break out of my box a little, and while doing so, hopefully, engage with you to perhaps do the same. so i had this idea of instead of just sharing product shots of things i love and think you will too, what about if i actually gathered them together, photographed them, and then made a print — it’s sort of a printed picture of a photograph of a bunch of collectibles. too weird? maybe, but i thought it would be interesting to try. so picture this: a ‘live’ inspiration board.

photograph of gold design inspiration items / sfgirlbybay

i’m not exactly sure where i’m going with this either to be honest, but it’s a fun experimental project that you could do with all kinds of collections and mementos that mean something to you, or simply inspire you. think of it as a fun creative exercise and an excuse to play. so this week, i’m playing around with some glittery objects i rounded up from the always lovely shop inkkit. i purchased a whole bunch of pretty paperie, ribbon, glitter, sequins and even some Ombre gold hand painted twig pencils. i laid them out in a pattern that was appealing to me, and shot them with my iphone. i then used the parabo press app to order a $20 newsprint of my photograph.  i even like the fold in the newsprint — it’s just a little unexpected. you could do this with all kinds of things that mean something to you — your kid’s artwork; a collection of old photographs, ephemera or jewelry; matchbooks, or pretty fabric swatches — whatever you collect it’s just a unique way to document it. or, just make yourself some art from your instagram photos. i plan to keep making these — we’ll see where it leads. happy experimenting!

parabo press print of gold mementos / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I love this idea! It’s so unique…to me it almost reads like a ‘time capsule’ too if you photographed things that are important to you at the moment, etc. I love the idea of photographing children’s artwork, etc.

  2. This direction is a good one. I’m inspired by what you’ve tried with the gold and excited to see what you come up with in future Picture This posts. Keep experimenting!

  3. Love this idea! It feels like modern scrapbooking. The care you can take with selecting items, curating your own “time capsule,” as Melissa says…this would be such a neat way to document the first year of a baby’s life. One Picture This a month!

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