bold choices.
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bold interior design / sfgirlbybay

you gotta love it when a homeowner is brave enough to make some bold color choices. i used to be much more apt to paint a room a bright color and if i didn’t like it i’d just paint it another color. a friend used to joke that my bathroom was getting smaller because each time i’d add a coat of paint, the room would shrink just a little bit more. true story — i think that room went from white to lavender to yellow to pale gray to white again. but i digress — and even if i’m really into black and white walls these days, i can truly admire someone with the guts to go forth with one bold color after another. take this top room and the next two — they’re all from the same beautiful house. now, that my friends, are some brave and brazen decorators. but i think it’s fantastic, and tip my hat to those with a bold stroke of the paint brush. let’s look at a few more.

bright colorful hallway paint / sfgirlbybay

green hallway paint and vintage red rug / sfgirlbybay

fastighetsbyran (top 3 images).

bold interior paint choices / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: design*sponge; polly wreford; marie claire maison; histor; and dimore studio.

bold bedroom paint and decor / sfgirlbybay

chris court photography.

bold pink living room / sfgirlbybay

elle decor espana.

bold green velvet tufted chair and dark green walls / sfgirlbybay


bold black living room walls and dramatic light fixture / sfgirlbybay

milk decoration.

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