the gutsy ones.
by victoria comment


plaid green and black wall paint / sfgirlbybay

florence lopez.

sometimes i spend time looking at rooms that may seem completely over the top, but somehow look just fabulous. they draw me in — mostly with pure admiration for the bravado of the designer. designers like wary meyers, kelly wearstler or jonathan adler take rooms to the edge of their imagination and don’t give a damn what we think — but we usually end up oohing and ahhing. their use of pattern and bold colors may not be something some of us could live with on a day to day basis, but what i like to do is kind of dissect the rooms and cull the ideas i think could work for me, in say perhaps a little less dramatic way — a print or pattern pairing, or a color palette; the use of artwork or a mix of genres. i stumbled upon this great pinboard and discovered some real beauties. here’s to celebrating the extremes and finding the gems that ignite our own creativity.

nytimes decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

the new york times.

architectural digest espana bedroom / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest espana.

nanette lepore's home via abigail ahern / sfgirlbybay

nanette lepore’s home via abigail ahern.

pink bedroom in decor design review / sfgirlbybay

decor design review.

lamp and dining room in nuevo estilo / sfgirlbybay

nuevo estilo.

dining room with pink wallpaper and carpet by brittany ambridge / sfgirlbybay

brittany ambridge.

green bedroom in architectural digest / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest.

8 responses to “the gutsy ones.”

  1. Sometimes I don’t even know how they come up with the idea to bring together some of the elements they do…I feel like I read somewhere that Kelly Wearstler starts out looking at it more as a graphic design composition than a 3D one. Thinking of it that way, it makes a LOT more sense to me. This is a great collection of some bold choices!

  2. Love the title and the sentiments in your post. We need the gutsy ones to show us what’s possible… even if we never go there ourselves. They’re like the National Geographic photographers of decorating. x

  3. That room at the top…the green one…it’s a work of art. I love it when rooms have pieces in them that feel like sculptures. Absolutely beautiful.

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