good reads: home stories.
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one of my favorite decor books is urban vintage, written by Swedish author and blogger ida magntorn. ida sent me along a PDF of her new book home stories, which is now available, and it’s just as lovely and inspiring as her last book. both books are published in swedish, but chronicle books later published urban vintage in english under the title home style by city, so i’m hoping if we all clamor for it enough they’ll follow suit with home stories. regardless, the book’s photos tell a very pretty story, so i don’t have to read it to enjoy it (but I’d like to — hint, hint). have a sneak peek and i think you’ll see what i mean.

home decor book by ida magntorn / sfgirlbybay

inspirational home decor / sfgirlbybay


framed art home gallery wall / sfgirlbybay

home decor using books / sfgirlbybay

ornate wooden mirror and piano / sfgirlbybay

inspirational white dining room with wood accents / sfgirlbybay

inspirational decor from 'Home Stories' / sfgirlbybay

inspirational kitchen decor from 'Home Stories' / sfgirlbybay

inspirational home decor via 'Home Stories' / sfgirlbybay

unique mobile and exosed wood beamed ceiling / sfgirlbybay

inspirational interior design via 'Home Stories' / sfgirlbybay

bell jar and plant home decor / sfgirlbybay

vintage collectibles as decor / sfgirlbybay

• all photography courtesy of home stories.

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