whitewashed working space.
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sara medinalind photography.

i’m over the moon excited because this week i had my home studio floors painted white and i’m almost ready for the reveal. i’ve been wanting white floors since before the stone age, and i’m thrilled to finally have my own space so i can make that happen. i want to keep my studio space really minimal — just my mum’s old antique farm table as my desk, a great looking desk chair (on the hunt for that one!) and this vintage long, low walnut bench i have for storing magazines and books. i may put my white armoire back in there, but i love the idea of keeping it really open and spare so that if i need to shoot in there it’s ready to go — an instant photo studio with white walls and whitewashed floors! here’s some looks that have been inspiring me for a long while (i’ve got a pinboard dedicated to this idea)! i can’t wait to share how it turns out. hurry up, floors — dry, dry, dry!

white cinderblock walls and white desk and chair / sfgirlbybay

camellia fiber company.

white ceiling and floors with wood desk / sfgirlbybay

studio rum.

white indoor/outdoor studio space / sfgirlbybay


white work spaces / sfgirlbybay

remodelista; Dana van Leeuwen ; gen by design trestle table; janne peters photography.

white washed work space and art / sfgirlbybay

silke bonde via the poster club.

white creative work space / sfgirlbybay


whitewashed concrete wall and desk / sfgirlbybay

le style.

art prints above white desk and chair / sfgirlbybay

affiches marci.


sugar and cloth studio space.

7 responses to “whitewashed working space.”

  1. love. love. love. there is nothing quite like white. always works. excited for your floors! can’t wait for the reveal!

  2. Wow. Once again, you hit it out of the ballpark. I’m so drawn to the cleanliness and simplicity that is white. My favorite is the bloesem photo. I would either be insanely inspired by this space or just not get any work done due to daydreaming. Wonderful outcomes, either way!

  3. This looks so great. Can you share which paint was used on the floors? In New Zealand where I live, paint is marketed on its scientific attributes so you end up choosing based on durability, sheen, etc rather than whether or not it will create the feeling you are going after. White floors are not that common here so no one seems to be able to provide much guidance. I painted my floors last year and love the white look but the paint I used is quite matt and I think Id like something glossier.

  4. I have an obsession with white. Everything white! So clean and neat. Creates the illusion of space.
    All of these workspaces look great, but surprisingly for me I like the one with black chairs and a black desk – like the contrast.
    My white obession is getting to bad that my step-daughter says ‘let me guess, its going to be white!’. oops!

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