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geo connections. / sfgirlbybay

there i go again — finding unexpected connections. this one’s quite serendipitous too, or at least makes me feel as though i’m on the right track, when i see a common thread popping up in my inbox. for instance, this week i received emails from both debbie carlos introducing her new marble prints here in the u.s., and then half way around the world, i got an email sharing gorman’s new geology clothing collection. coincidence? i think not — i think we’re right on trend! perhaps you recall a stunning bit of work from artist damien hirst circa 1992? well what’s cool comes around again —  online art curators mammoth & co. have some geology happening, too — they carry gorgeous prints by artist Amber Ibarreche, and both civil and gemz totally rock (pun intended).

geology art print / sfgirlbybay

geo prints on gorman clothing 2016 / sfgirlbybay

geo jumpsuit by gorman clothing / sfgirlbybay

gorman clothing geo zip up jacket / sfgirlbybay

geo print / sfgirlbybay

gorman clothing and geology connections. / sfgirlbybay

geo rock inspired artwork / sfgirlbybay

gorman clothing geo blouse / sfgirlbybay geo pencil skirt by gorman clothing / sfgirlbybay

orange and pink gems / sfgirlbybay

geo zip-up hooded windbreaker by gorman clothing / sfgirlbybay

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