bloomingville u.s. — a reader giveaway.
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Bloomingville giveaway / sfgirlbybay

i don’t know if you recall this post i wrote way back in early 2013, well it may have taken a little while but our pleas have been answered and bloomingville, the incredible homewares designer from denmark has finally arrived in the united states. From their headquarters in Denmark, bloomingville designs, develops and sells a wide range of interior products from furniture and home decor accessories to dishware and beyond — always keeping your ever changing home in mind. they are are set to launch the bloomingville Spring/Summer collection and to celebrate we’re hosting a $500 giveaway for one lucky winner to choose from the spring/summer 2016 collection.

Bloomingville ceramics / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win $500 of bloomingville merchandise of your choice from this collection, simply:

• follow @bloomingvilleus on instagram.

• comment below letting us know you followed on instagram.

• please comment by wednesday, february 24TH, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• sorry, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• winner may select $500 worth of merchandise of their choice from the bloominville spring/summer 2016 collection.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account the week of february 29th, so be sure and follow along.

dishware from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

modern furniture from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

Bloomingville ceramics and cutting board / sfgirlbybay

dishware from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

accessories & homewares from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

homewares from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

bloomingville homewares giveaway / sfgirlbybay

mint ceramics from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

hanging ceramic planters from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

ceramic dishware from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

home furnishings from bloomingville / sfgirlbybay

ceramics and bell jars / sfgirlbybay

221 responses to “bloomingville u.s. — a reader giveaway.”

  1. Followed! Thank you so much for doing this, everything looks so fun & beautiful! My Instagram handle is @illyeshel


  2. Followed!!! I fell in love with Bloomingville while traveling in Iceland a few years back, my friend brings me something special when she comes to the US

  3. fabulous stuff!
    just a comment – i really wish you wouldn’t make following you on twitter a requirement for these things. i love your blog. i read it daily. however, i simply don’t “do” twitter. i realize you want to expand your social media presence, yada, yada, but it still seems a bit much to have to follow on two accounts/media platforms. just my two cents.

    so, i did follow them on instagram, but obviously won’t know if i’m chosen or not simply b/c i follow enough on blogs/instagram – and that’s all i have interest in.

    oh – i’m @decides2dream :)

    • Hi Maria,

      It’s not a requirement to follow me at all on Twitter, so sorry for any confusion. It’s just the platform I use to announce the winner. But winners are notified by email, too, so no worries if you’re not on Twitter. Thanks!

  4. I’m following! Was going to say how pretty the little bowls are, but EVERYTHING is pretty! Thanks.
    Betsy and Chloe

  5. Following. Wow! Very excited and hopeful, eother way, happy to check out their new line and hopefully* win so I can add some personality to my new home in the Bay Area in May. A lot of love for the lone so far! :) @veronicaraye (Twitter) xo_veronicaraye on insta.

  6. Followed! Absolutely stoked they have shared their designs with us in the US now :)
    My Instagram is: audreyellyn

  7. The last time you mentioned them, I started obsessing over them and still couldn’t find them in the US. So happy they are officially here! I’m following on Instagram now too!

  8. Followed! Wow, as if I needed more beautiful Scandinavian design to drool over! I love it. I know where I am shopping when I finally get over to Denmark to visit extended family!

    • Also I included my email in the field but now I see others are including usernames. @eveningtrain on IG and I’ll link to my Twitter in the field above.

  9. I started following the bloomingville pottery co on Instagram. Such beautiful work!! I also started following you on Twitter. Yay! I’m an avid pottery collector and my birthday is Feb. 28. :) I would love to win the bloomingville pottery gift! Thanks for all of the inspiration you deliver to my inbox! -Alison,

  10. I follow @bloomingvilleus on Instagram as @norma_watson. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  11. Beyond lovely! Beautiful and simple and perfect for my home and my life. Thanks for sharing! I follow on Instagram, @Jennyroo1.

  12. Following on Twitter and Instagram (@ABSchoenrock). Really eyeing those geometric votives and that ‘fill me up’ trash can!

  13. Just followed on Instagram (sarahschuerhoff)! I can’t believe I haven’t found them before, thank you for sharing :) I LOOOOOVE ceramics <3

  14. Finally!

    Moved to the Bay Area from Iceland last year and in desperate need for all things Danish.

    Followed (as @elfantons) immediate.

    Do you by any chance know any retailers already stocking Bloomigville?

  15. I am so excited to hear bloomingville is now in the US! I’ve been waiting for this for so love! Fingers crossed for the black rattan lounge chair!! Following on IG (@ruffledsnob)

    Shaynah xx

  16. done and done. i love this stuff, have followed it for years, and am thrilled that it is avail in u.s. thanks for this amazing chance.

  17. followed @bloomingvilleus on insta, love their products, thanks for the opportunity!
    I am @wild_pacific on instagram

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