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box of books from los angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

last weekend i had a few girls over for an al fresco evening of fish tacos (say that three times fast!) and the lovely jen gotch asked what she could bring. since i told her i had it covered, she ever-so-kindly brought me this fabulous hostess gift. before coming over she’d been at Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair and upon seeing this very cool box of books, she quite rightly thought i might like them. well, i indeed love them and when i instagrammed them and many of you seemed really interested in knowing more about them and where one might get one’s paws on these fine zines. well, they were created by Los Angeles/Berkeley-based collective publishing press tiny splendor and curator darin klein and friends in collaboration with twenty different and very talented artists, with 2-color screenprint on pink pastry boxes by Kenneth Srivijittakar. darnit — the boxes are sold out online, but the zines included in this beauty of box are so inspiring and colorful i thought you might like a glimpse and to check out more from these fine artists and publishers — you can find more handmade artist books for sale in a similar vein through tiny splendor.

handmade books from the los angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

art books from the Los Angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

box of art books from los angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

zine-mania! / sfgirlbybay

pink box of books from LA art book fair / sfgirlbybay

printed zines from los angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

printed zine from art book fair in los angeles / sfgirlbybay

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  1. That is so beauty. In my country the PRvtDncr is star for good art and pretty photos of graffiti. Like to see more for this.

  2. We at Tiny Splendor are so grateful for the feature – thanks so much, Victoria! I also wanted to pop by to say that we’re having a release party where the Box can be purchased on March 5th from 6pm-10pm. The gallery of Louis M Schmidt is hosting at 1821 3rd Ave, Los Angeles and will have original art from the Box artists and beer and snacks. If the boxes don’t all sell out at the release party we’ll be bringing them to LA Zine Fest March 6th. And IF we have some left after that we’ll put them up online for sale. Thanks for the support.

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