say hellow to yellow.
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yellow 70's home decor / sfgirlbybay


it was so warm this weekend in l.a. that it felt a lot like spring was already here. spring always makes me think of bright colors, like yellow. yellow harkens back to my 1970’s preteen hell-yes-to-yellow years. i had faux bamboo ‘corner beds’ and a built-in wall unit desk — all quite yellow. when i think about yellow i instantly have flashbacks of that bedroom. yellow is cheerful, bold and positive, all great attributes to decorate around. i’m not sure i’m courageous enough to handle a color that formidable in every room in my house, but in small doses yellow really has that extra bit of get up and go!

yellow dresser and vintage collectibles / sfgirlbybay

vtwonen (above + below).

yellow dresser and ceramic accessories / sfgirlbybay

yellow decor / sfgirlbybay

house beautiful; trendy traveler; vesper hotel via trendland; rebel walls; vegetarian ventues; schoolhouse electric whitney bed.

yellow home decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

wolfgang laib.

yellow bedroom decor and modern furnishings / sfgirlbybay

atelier rue verte; bjurfors.

yellow floral arrangement / sfgirlbybay

farmhouse touches.

yellow home decor with 70's vibe / sfgirlbybay

vtwonen; toovia; idha lindhag photography.

modern yellow bed frame / sfgirlbybay


yellow light fixture / sfgirlbybay

studio snowpuppie.

yellow kitchen island / sfgirlbybay

luc roymans photography.

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  1. Oh yes! Small doses are just wonderful. I have a portrait of a bird above my mantle and his chest is bright yellow…then I picked up that hue in a silk pillow on a nearby chair and across the room in a pottery bowl. I just love how the eye moves from one to the next b/c yellow provides such a fun pop of interest!

  2. I do like yellow but with restraint. In the 80s we decorated our kitchen in yellow and white and it was remarkably cheerful. I seem to recall that The Partridge Family kitchen had a lot of yellow. Very of its time…

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