japanese design.
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japanese exhibition poster / sfgirlbybay

Japanese Exhibition Poster by Masaaki Hiromura, via gura fika.

i love all things japanese — from sushi to vintage kimonos, and especially graphic design and packaging. i used to spend hours at Kinokuniya bookstore in san francisco’s japantown (i just found out there’s an L.A. location, too!). and i can’t read a word of them — all written in japanese, but i love paumes design books, too. i find the japanese aesthetic to be both simple and elegant, but also somewhat whimsical at times. they seem to have a keen sense of humor, or what some might call kawaii — lovable and cute. there’s a certain contradiction between say, the seriousness of their decor — like japanese tatami beds, paper lanterns and shoji screens which are so spare and practical, and then their packaging design which can be really colorful, playful and fun. regardless, i love it all and would love to visit japan one day. in the meantime, i continue to be inspired by their wonderful culture.

japanese graphic design ad / sfgirlbybay

japanese advertisement from the 1950’s, via gura fiku.

japanese style graphic design / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: Alvin Diec, via inspired mag; harriet lee-merrion illustration; paper festival poster, via tegamisha; vintage advertisement, via histories of things to come; Shinchon Suk Jin for muji campsite.

japanese style honey packaging / sfgirlbybay

onuma honey, via the dieline.

vintage japanese advertisement / sfgirlbybay

vintage advertisement, via histories of things to come.

harriet lee-merrion print. / sfgirlbybay

harriet lee-merrion print.

japanese graphic design / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: Japanese Exhibition Poster: The Unseen Relationship via gura fiku; sakura blooming, via 8toyko; japanese matchbox labels via jane mcdevitt; Yuagarido cider, via tomomasu.

planting seeds, via cafe slow. / sfgirlbybay

planting seeds, via cafe slow.

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  1. I have recently found your blog and I’m following it on Bloglovin. I love Asian design as well, I grew up in the Bay Area. I have been keeping art journals since the nineties, one of which is in an old Asian accounting book. I love Kinokuniya also and we have one in the Portland area. If you ever come to Portland, you must visit Cargo. Or at least check out their Facebook page. You won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you for your blog, I enjoy it immensely .

  2. I love Japanese design too. I don’t know why exactly but I find it very thought out. My daughter and I visit Kinokinuya too! Oh the endless multitude of pens!

    We just visited Japan for the first time a couple years ago. We were a little nervous with the language barrier but found it absolutely magical and easy to get around. What was unexpected was how shockingly clean and safe it was. In a city as dense as NYC, people would leave their laptops and expensive designer purses unmonitored on tables while they waited for their Starbucks. It was really wonderful. My kids still clamor to go back and say it’s their favorite place they’ve traveled to…and that’s over Paris, London and other parts of Asia and Europe.

  3. Thanks for this post! I’ve been crushing on vintage Japanese advertisements ever since seeing one in Vivian Howard’s kitchen (from A Chef’s Life). I definitely want to snag one for my kitchen, but just might wait until I head to Japan. :)

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