the well-appointed mantel.
by victoria comment


marble mantel with magazines and treasures via hello sukio. / sfgirlbybay

even these magazines look great stacked amongst personal treasures, via hello sukio.

as we head into spring, these may be the last lingering weeks we’ve got to cozy up with a good book by the fireplace. but lit or not, fireplaces and the pretty mantels that frame them are still often the focal point of a room and proper care should be taken to treat them with the well-decorated respect they deserve. you don’t want the centerpiece of your room cluttered with meaningless knick-knacks, but rather a well-curated collection of objects you love. these are some really lovely examples of that very thing — thoughtful, and like-minded, color-coordinated collections always look more cohesive than just a willy-nilly assortment of your possessions. there’s a really nice balance to these mantels — a wonderful light fixture, a favorite painting, or an eclectic mix of personal treasures, artwork and ceramics, for instance. these,  are mantels very well done.

sculpture collection on mantel via joseph de leo photography. / sfgirlbybay

a perfect sculpture collection, by joseph de leo photography.

framed artwork on mantel via brian w. ferry photography for sight unseen / sfgirlbybay

love the artwork here, by brian w. ferry photography for sight unseen.

the well-appointed mantel. / sfgirlbybay

nicole franzen photography; ashley moore; emma cassi’s mantel, via decor8; decoist.

harland miller print over mantel via new york times magazine. / sfgirlbybay

harland miller print over mantel, via new york times magazine.

anthropologie hoop mirror over mantel via carla lane interiors. / sfgirlbybay

anthropologie hoop mirror over mantel, via carla lane interiors.

collectibles atop and inside the fireplace via the new york times. / sfgirlbybay.

collectibles atop and inside the fireplace, via the new york times.

mantel with accordian and art via design*sponge / sfgirlbybay

love the unexpected accordion, via design*sponge.

rustic themed mantel via remodelista / sfgirlbybay

a rustic-themed mantel, via remodelista.

white mantel with mirror via nelson hancock photography. / sfgirlbybay

a beautiful mirror and lantern, via nelson hancock photography.

disco ball & candles and cloches galore via lolita magazine. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball & candles and cloches galore, via lolita magazine.

9 responses to “the well-appointed mantel.”

  1. So much mantel love! It’s the best when people add high impact art or a dramatic mirror above. I’m all about less stuff/clutter, high wow factor, but mantels are such a great opportunity for self expressions.

    Amazing, Jess

  2. Oh my goodness I absolutely love the the mantle with all all of the glass cloches. We recently got a 5′ tall French gilt mirror from Anthropologie that’s resting on top of our mantle and couldn’t love it more.

  3. I live in Paris in an apartment with a mantel but my husband insists on having the huge tv sitting on it!!! (plus it’s kind of an ugly red/brown marble. . . I’d love to cover it i.e. build it out with something clean and white).

    opportunity lost!! These are gorgeous, sigh.

  4. I have a fabulous art deco mantel with a vintage mirror sitting on top of it. But it always looks a little clustered because every time I find something I love, I end up shoving it on the mantel so I can see it ALL the time. Need to take a leaf out of some of these to keep mine more minimal. :(

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