at home in sweden.
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colorful and stylish apartment in sweden. / sfgirlbybay

this is just the freshest home decor i’ve seen in a while. featured on swedish design site my home this apartment in Gothenburg has a unique color palette — deep greens and bright orange, which for reasons i can’t quite explain always makes me think of my childhood tv dinner’s carrots & peas combo — but in this case, is just smashing. the large, bright rooms feel so inviting and perfect for entertaining. a very creative couple inhabits the space, which is pretty apparent — Sara works as a project manager in interior design for public spaces and Christoffer is a carpenter. very handy, indeed. they’ve done a smashing makeover. for the full tour and interview with sources, visit my home.

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• photography by Sofi Sykfont for my home.

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  1. What I always love most about these Swedish homes is that there isn’t much of an open concept. Each room is separate and has it’s own thing going on. But the theme still remains throughout the house, which just ties all the spaces together. So good!

  2. how to translate the my home site into english?
    and where to find a lovely soft lime green rug??
    –and place to shop for scandinavian design??
    Thank you.

  3. I love everything around your home, very refreshing,elegant and cozy. I want to live there right now! Very nice combination of color. Great job!

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