romantic rooftop gardens.
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rooftop garden via curbed new york / sfgirlbybay

curbed new york.

i do believe if i couldn’t be a blogger, i might very much like to be a gardener or landscape designer. i have no real clue what i’m doing out there, mind you, but i spent the entire weekend running back and forth to various nurseries and then planting new vegetation in my hillside garden and filling an abundance of empty clay pots i had stacking up. it’s the most gratifying thing ever (at least for me) to plant beautiful things and watch them grow. if i didn’t have a backyard, i think the next best thing might be a small balcony or even better — a rooftop. i love the romantic feeling a rooftop garden gives off — like a secret spot very few know about. as a kid, i saw this 1941 animated movie mr. bugs goes to town about the happy tranquility of a bunch of bugs whose lives are shattered when they learn that a colossal skyscraper is to be built over their tiny town. but in the finale, they live atop this beautiful rooftop garden and all ends very happily. it’s stuck with me my whole life, and i think it’s partly the reason i love these gardens so very much. should you ever have the opportunity to watch it, i highly recommend it — it’s just the sweetest little movie.

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urban rooftop garden via spitoskylo. / sfgirlbybay


west village rooftop garden by foras. / sfgirlbybay

west village rooftop garden by foras.

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playful rooftop garden space / sfgirlbybayMarcelo Rosebaum's garden via the selby. / sfgirlbybay

Marcelo Rosebaum’s garden via the selby.

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jamieson thomas.

colorful rooftop garden via inspiration maison. / sfgirlbybay

inspiration maison.

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architectural digest.

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  1. This is why I love cities. You are never sure what might be around the corner, on the roof, behind the blinds. Secret pleasures indeed.

  2. I’m a professional gardener in NYC and have been enjoying the views here since 2000. Come visit Victoria, I would be happy to show you a few!

  3. Whenever I visit a city I like to get up high so I can look out a window for rooftop or balcony gardens. For some reason cities with a lot of hills seem to bring out the inner gardener in people. Maybe knowing their space can be overlooked drives a desire for privacy. I don’t know the reasons, but I love the results. These pocket green spaces are so lovely and unexpected. Sort of like finding a pearl in your oyster……

  4. Love it that you referenced Mr Bug goes to town! – also my absolute favourite film from my childhood – such a beautiful quality to the illustration and animation! I signed my wedding vows to the song “Couple in the Castle” and hope i can have a garden like that one day!

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