closet hang ups.
by victoria comment


walk-in closet with hanging clothing rack / @sfgirlbybay


in my old guest cottage i had this great little closet nook (just below) and as i think about creating a walk-in closet when i remodel i keep coming back to this kind of space. my closet now is abysmal — i can’t see a thing, the doors barely slide open — it’s just completely wonky, an afterthought without a lot of practicality. i’m not sure when i’m going to get the guts up to take on this project because it requires walls coming down, but someday in the not too distant future i need a sane closet. i like the idea of making it a really inviting space, that’s feminine and not just a hole in the wall to hang stuff. i like the idea of having perhaps a dresser, a chair and some interesting looking clothing racks, rather than built-ins, but we shall see. i’ll be remodeling an extra room in the house into a combined laundry area (the washer/dryer is already in this room) and walk-in closet so i’ve got some room to work with!

closet nook with hanging brass clothing rack / @sfgirlbybay

my old closet nook.

thick black clothing rack in white bedroom / @sfgirlbybay


white shelving with matching white clothing racks / @sfgirlbybay

avenue lifestyle.

vintage dresser with matching white clothing racks / @sfgirlbybay

indoor life.

white dresser below suspended clothing rack / @sfgirlbybay

bolig magazine.

tree branch hanging clothing rack / @sfgirlbybay


feminine clothing rack with leather floor pouf / @sfgirlbybay

lauren conrad.

wood and metal clothing rack with pink dipped legs / @sfgirlbybay

stek magazine.

white clothing racks with wood stool and shelf / @sfgirlbybay

walhalla brands.

brass clothing rack / @sfgirlbybay


calvin double clothing rack from urban outfitters. / @sfgirlbybay

calvin double clothing rack from urban outfitters.

11 responses to “closet hang ups.”

  1. These closets are so cute and dreamy to look at, but always seem so impractical to me. But maybe it’s just for the photo. Even so, I still want a dedicated space to get dressed. All these are so lovely!

    • i know what you mean, so i think i just want some kind of combination of this look. cool looking, but practical clothing racks with just some personal space, too.

  2. I’m so happy this open closet concept seems to be trending now. When I moved to Europe from the U.S. it was initially hard to figure out what to do with my clothes since closets don’t really exist here. These wardrobe bars have been used here forever and I totally love them. It’s funny because now I think I prefer this style over a closet. It keeps you from accumulating too many unnecessary items and you make more thoughtful purchases.

  3. I have to the home of Avenue Lifestyle for a workshop and her home is divine. Including her bedroom. I think the picture below it is the same but another styling of the room. Just lovely!!!

  4. I say go for it! So much more light and airy feeling! I created a walk in closet like this in our under-the-stairs, oddly shaped nook, and draped some curtains to seperate it from the hallway. It’s become my little retreat : )

  5. They say you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. The only times that hasn’t been true for me was when I had a gorgeous rolling rack, with lovely wooden hangers and I could SEE all that I had to wear.
    I feel your pain right now. I’m back in crummy closet land and I can’t wait to get back to some idea of what you displayed.

  6. I’m finishing up a bedroom/closet renovation and just ordered that rack from Urban Outfitters. Can’t wait to see yours when you go for it!

  7. These rack displays look lovely, but light, especially sunlight, is a big problem for clothing. Windows allow for sun fading, which can happen quite quickly. If you want clothes out on a rack, do keep a close watch to see if the darker natural fabrics are affected.

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