pom poms make everything better.
by victoria comment


circular pom pom wall-hanging / sfgirlbybay

sugar & cloth has a great diy tutorial on this pom pom wall hanging.

what is it about a pom pom that makes us go so giddy? is it just fun to say? i think it must be some sort of childhood flashback, or perhaps it’s that they’re just so darn cheerful to look at — it’s like i’m five years old again everytime i see one.  there’s kind of a nostaligic vintage vibe to a pom pom, too. let’s face it, i’m just a sucker for anything with a pom pom on it, and have several throw blankets to prove it. i’m pretty into anything felted and fringed, too — even fashion. i think they’re fairly easy to make — check out this tutorial on sugar & cloth (above + below). when in doubt, put a pom pom on it!

sugar and cloth pom pom wall-hanging / sfgirlbybay

pom pom jacket / sfgirlbybay

natalie mccomas photography.

pom pom key chain / sfgirlbybay

superette keychain.

woven basket with pom pom detail / sfgirlbybay

eliza gran pom pom baskets at mille.

pom pom arizona garland from sheep farm felt / sfgirlbybay

arizona garland from sheep farm felt.

striped pom tassel curtains from anthropologie. / sfgirlbybay

pom tassel curtains from anthropologie.

pom pom details on home decor / sfgirlbybay

anthropologie’s pom-dash pillowwest elm’s Jay Street Ashti Pom Pom Pillow Cover; Magical Thinking Pom-Fringe Sham Set from urban outfitters; la casa decoto throw blankets; and la casa decoto pink pom pom pillows.

pink pom pom throw blanket / sfgirlbybay

maven collection’s pretty in pink pom pom trimmed blanket.

moroccan pom pom pillows and blankets / sfgirlbybay

mui ma* also carries an abundance of moroccan pom pom pillows and blankets (above + below).

woven baskets and striped moroccan pom pom pillows and blankets / sfgirlbybay

eliza gran pom pom basket at leif shop / sfgirlbybay

eliza gran pom pom basket at leif shop.

14 responses to “pom poms make everything better.”

  1. I, too, love pom-poms. Unfortunately, my min pin Freya loves them as well. Only she loves them “to bits” literally. I have had to pack away all items with pom- poms and fringe since to her they translate to chew-toys. She accepts “no” easily in all other situations, but pom-poms seem to trigger her kill instinct. You and I see them as adorable and she sees them as prey. At least life is never dull with pets.

  2. I volunteered one year at an art museum fair and we did a pompom making activity. I didn’t think we’d get that many people–maybe mostly kids. It was CRAZY. We were swamped–guys, gals, young, and old all making pompoms. The volunteers would finish their shifts and then stay for more. We didn’t even have time to visit the restroom or eat lunch it was so busy. And people seemed to be having so much fun. It was awesome! So glad I got to see that. :-D

  3. Do you recall that crafting tool that was advertised on tv that was for making pom poms?It was in the 1980’s-dating myself-but, you could make bedspreads with it too? makes me want to hunt one down!

  4. Pompoms make life happy ! Il love them.
    Have a look to my Pinterest page : sweet little things

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