window watching.
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black steel windows and french door frames at hotel henriette in paris. / sfgirlbybay

hotel henriette in paris.

gosh, i find these black steel-framed windows pretty. i think they might just lend themselves to a particular kind of home and don’t fit everywhere, but oh, what a home it must be. they look great with tall ceilings, are great as room dividers, and i love them off a kitchen creating an entrance to a garden — which is why i was looking at them in the first place. i’ve had thoughts of putting in french doors off my kitchen to the patio now that the house is painted black, but a black steel door sure is cool — is it not? they’re rather industrial looking, but also really, really sophisticated and polished looking. i love this vibe! i’ve got a bunch more pinned to my window watching pinboard if you’d like to see more.

courtyard black steel windows and doors / sfgirlbyaby

red squirrel architecture.

thick black steel window frames / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration UK.

black steel frame and glass window room dividers / sfgirlbybay

fj interior design.

modern kitchen with black window frames / sfgirlbybay

interior design magazine

kitchen with black steel and glass door / sfgirlbybay

inside out magazine.

black steel frame and glass kitchen cabinets and door / sfgirlbybay

fj interior design.

black steel frame window panel with door / sfgirlbybay


tall black steel frame windows / sfgirlbybay

behomm via emma’s designblogg.

black steel frame roll-up window panel / sfgirlbybay

marie claire maison.

black steel frame kitchen windows / sfgirlbybay

the apartment at graanmarkt 13.

black steel frame accordian windows / sfgirlbybay

beauty of obscurity.

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  1. I am in love. There isn’t a single look here that I wouldn’t snatch up in a heartbeat. I LOVE industrial meets modernity so very much. Thank you for always finding the best eye candy, V!

  2. Oooooh, I love this look! I always associate this look with gorgeous Parisian apartments… not exactly sure why, but it feels luxurious to let in so much light!

  3. I’m renovating a coop apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY and would love to use steel windows to divide the bedroom and living room. Any suggestions for a source for these steel windows?

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