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dolce vita rose gold CB2 bar cart wth cocktails and floral arrangement / sfgirlbyaby

are you hankering for some fresh, springtime cocktails? because we’ve got some really scrumptious new drink recipes to share with you today. the folks at SKYY have two brand new vodka infusions, so i hired bartender extraordinaire rosie ruiz to shake things up, and create something refreshing and unique for you using SKYY’s new InfusionsTropical Mango and Honeycrisp Apple. and to celebrate springtime cocktail hour and get you bar cart ready, i’m giving away this beautiful dolce vita rose gold bar carts from CB2 to one very happy winner. cheers to that!

SKYY vodka recipe and rose gold dolce vita bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybaySKYY vodka Infusions Honeycrisp apple cocktail recipe / sfgirlbybay

SKYY Infusions Honeycrisp Apple (above) has a crisp and balanced sweet-tart flavor, so rosie added fresh lemon juice, a homemade meyer lemon shrub, as well as Organic Agave Nectar and a rosemary sprig for a light and extra fresh flavor. sooo good! lily and i just had to do a cocktail taste test while photographing these and we did not want to put them down.

SKYY Infusions Honeyscrisp Apple drink recipe / sfgirlbybay

our other springtime cocktail (above) is made with SKYY Infusions Tropical Mango, which has sweet, ripe, tropical fruit aromas and a distinctive mango taste for a long, smooth finish. so delicious paired with rosie’s additional ingredients, including fresh lemon juice and an earl grey tea simple syrup she made, along with some other really exotic but easy to make ingredients we’re going to share with you below.

rose gold dolce vita bar cart with gold bar tools and floral arrangement / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win a the beautiful dolce vita rose gold bar cart from CB2, simply:

• follow @SKYYVodka on instagram.

• comment below, letting us know you followed and tell us what you love about spring cocktails.

• please comment by thursday, April 14th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account friday, april 15th, so be sure and follow along.

cocktail recipe using SKYY vodka Infusions / sfgirlbybay

SKYY Infusion drink recipe for spring / sfgirlbybayAPPLE-SKYYApple of my SKYY cocktial recipe using SKYY Infusion vodka / sfgirlbybayfresh apple and lemon cocktail ingrediants with SKYY Infusion vodka / sfgirlbybaySKYY Infusion Honeycrisp Apple vodka and rose gold dolce vita bar cart / sfgirlbybay

one of my favorite parts of this job is learning how to make these fun new cocktails, and i love partnering with SKYY Vodka — it also does my heart good that they’re a San Francisco-born, American-made vodka. with a focus on ‘true-to-fruit’ flavors, SKYY Infusions’ authentic premium vodka is made from natural ingredients for the ultimate cocktail experience. we hope you’ll want to try these very fresh and delicious recipes!

spring floral arrangement and SKYY Infusion vodka drink recipe / sfgirlbybaySKYY Infusion Honeycrisp Apple vodka on CB2 rose gold dolce vita bar cart / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Lily Glass for sfgirlbybay.

This post made possible in partnership with SKYY Vodka but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

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  1. Just followed them on Instagram! I love transitioning from heavier wintry drinks to light, refreshing spring cocktails!!

  2. Followed on IG. Love having fresh fruit in my cocktails, and love anything with lemon and mint. YUM!

  3. @jennettef followed- I love using fresh, seasonal fruits in drinks. A lemon drop or grapefruit Martini perfect in the spring

  4. Followed! I love incorporating herbals & florals into my drinks, and not having to wear a sweater if I have a cold drink!

  5. Followed! I love the entertain! Spring cocktails help to welcome the season with the freshness of seasonal fruits that add bursts of flavor and color to enhance festive cocktails! I focus my menu and decor around the theme of my cocktails! Cheers!

  6. I’m a throwback to my parents WWII generation & remember my mom having one vodka cocktail before dinner on the patio with my dad-it was like a private date for them even when all of us (I’m last of 10) kids were home. We toast to Mom- gone 14 yrs in June whenever Kevin & I share a vodka cocktail-her signature drink. Spring cocktails mark the arrival of warmer evenings here in Indianapolis & lingering on our deck in a sweatshirt or blanket.

  7. Followed! @shehasrhythm
    I love spring cocktails because they help fill in those longer days! It adds to that feeling that now I have more time to meet up with a friend for an outdoor happy hour. (this is getting me really excited for warmer weather!)

  8. Done! I love that spring cocktails are great for entertaining. Would love to have a legit bar cart to serve them off of :)

    Twitter: @kissmyash_22

  9. Followed! I love spring cocktails that include fresh herbs and fruits, and I can’t resist a pretty pastel colored drink!

  10. following – I love how spring cocktails give us that so needed feeling of living outdoors and breathing fresh warm air (at least here on the northern east coast, lol)
    Amazing photos, congrats to lilly glass!

  11. Followed! I love the fresh flavors in spring cocktails + the fun feelings they bring especially when enjoyed outdoors. Who can resist a pretty pastel drink garnished with fresh herbs?!

  12. Following! Honestly, I don’t drink, but I think this bar cart would make an amazing coffe/tea station!

  13. Followed! There’s just something about finally being able to sit outside in the warm spring air for the first time enjoying a fruity cocktail. It means summer is coming here on the east coast! My birthday is the 15th and this would make an awesome gift!

  14. Followed! Springtime means light and breezy. Good times with friends and cocktails outside on those warmer days. I love anything infused with seasonal fruit with a splash of seltzer for a bit of sparkle!

  15. Followed :)

    I love incorporating fresh fruits, fun simple syrups, infused liquors (blueberry-infused gin is especially tasty!,) and even edible flowers!!

  16. I love spring cocktails because it means I get to harvest herbs from my garden to test out new refreshing drinks!

  17. I followed! (@em_c_nola)
    My favorite thing about spring cocktails is making them with plants from my cocktail garden…mint, Rosemary, lemon balm, lime, hyssop, blue borage & Cucamelons.

  18. followed! now that it’s getting warmer, my favorite way to enjoy cocktails is next to a natural spring/ lake with friends ☺️ bring on all the drinks with ginger beer!

  19. Spring cocktails are THE BEST. Light, fruity and the prettiest colors. All you need is a patio and some sunshine! Is it 5 o’clock yet???

    Followed on Instagram.
    Twitter: @caseysandlin

  20. followed! everything about spring is refreshing, especially in a fruity cocktail! jessica pedersen 8 at gmail dot com @ladylombard

  21. I followed. Thank you! I love using the fresh ingredients and trying new thinks like Soju drinks. It is always really fun to have friends over to share! Thanks for the chance to enter! This crazy is stunning! Love the rose gold!

  22. Followed! I definitely love some refreshing quaffable drinks after the sippers of winter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Followed both accounts!
    I recently turned 21 and i have always been interested in creating and tasting all kinds of different cocktails. I have a love for event design and events always need those perfect cocktails to go with them. A bar cart would be the perfect addition to my love of creating. Can’t wait to try this cocktail recipe!

  24. I followed..I love fresh fruity vodka cocktails in the warmer months..I also love sangria with lighter suppers on the porch..thank you so much for this giveaway..good luck everyone..fingers crossed..xx

  25. ahoy! i followed and i am planning on drinking come sunset. cocktails that are citrusy are my all time fave. i’d die, die, die for this perfect rose gold bar cart… so dreamy! IG: @rcole or EMAIL: XOXOXO

  26. Love me a champagne cocktail! Following Skyy for more inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. I followed! And I love enjoying spring cocktails outside with friends on a warm day! It always gets me excited for summer

  28. Hellllllllllo what i love about spring cocktails…. well what isn’t to love really!? But I guess my favorite part is how they can bring friends and family together. Not that we need an excuse but it’s great to have one, and why not use beautiful seasonal fruits and herbs mixed in a cocktail.

    Followed on IG, kellichase (at)

  29. Followed both Skyy vodka and your account!! I made the Tropical Skyy for a little cocktail party I had today and it was a total success! Everyone loved it, and it was so refreshing! Love your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it!! xx @thecaro_smith

  30. @Exegesis_of_love followed!
    For me spring cocktails are all about the people you share them with. Old friends come to visit and you meet new ones. I share my home and all my love with those people and the perfect fruity or herbal drink makes it that much better.

  31. I followed! Living in the south spring cocktails are the best enjoyed outside with azaleas in bloom and warm spring breezes before summer and the heat sets in!

  32. Followed. Love incorporating lots of fresh herbs into spring cocktails and enjoying them out in the greening garden!

  33. Followed along!
    Hope to win to try some new cocktails; we love having people over for dinner and drinks! We’ve been big into rum and ginger beer drinks but are excited to test out some new ones for our guests :)

  34. Followed on IG! (Callan_young)
    I love spring cocktails because I enjoy anything that brings friends and family together (bonus when it puts them all in a better mood )!

  35. Followed! In SF, spring cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to a superwarm evening in Washington Square Park, enjoying good weather and great company.

  36. Followed on insta! Spring cocktails are the best because they’re bright and refreshing and I love enjoying them outside in the sunshine as the seasons change!

  37. followed! i love spring cocktails, especially outside, because they’re cold and usually sweat, which makes me not feel bad for sweating. 4 cheers for glassware that matches your physical self! :P. – sohail

  38. Followed! I love the lighter, fruitier cocktails of spring with fresh ingredients. Yummy and refreshing!

  39. Followed! I’m @amberweinberg on instagram and twitter.

    I love spring cocktails because of the *colors*!!! I’m a rainbow fanatic and cocktails mean outdoor parties and floaty dresses <3

  40. Followed! My favorite thing about Spring Cocktails is that they happen in spring!!! And I love any excuse to use flowers in my libations, so it’s perfect timing. SPRING!! VODKA!! FRESH!!
    @jessicaraebailey (instagram)

  41. I loveee that bar cart! My favorite thing about spring cocktails are mixing new flavors (hello rhubarb and strawberries!) along with adding floral accents to the drinks.

    Followed! I am @zoewaldron on Twitter and @zoewal on Instagram.

  42. Just started following on Insta! (@runninggirlhealth)
    I love spring cocktails using in season fresh and local fruit and herbs; I shop at my local farmers markets for spring ingredients to infuse my cocktails and bring a touch of sweet spring!

  43. Followed! I love spring cocktails because it gives me a chance to break out the shrubs in full force and use a lot of fresh fruit!

    @emilynkurtz on Instagram

  44. Love the cart and have been a long time customer of Skyy….so smooth and terrific as a shot or mixed! We always keep a bottle for our weekly Sunday brunches with Skyy vodka bloody Mary’s and homemade pickled green beans and this bar cart would make the weekly brunch seem even that much more of an event!!

  45. Following both! My favorite springtime cocktail is a chilled Moscow Mule in our copper mugs and flavored with the slickest gingerale I can find. Cheers, everyone! <3

  46. I followed! I love spring cocktails for their (usually) refreshing taste. I love your recipe cards as well ;) I would love to try these recipes out after finals~

  47. FOLLOWED!! Spring means bright colors in both nature and decor. Love love love the bar cart! It will be perfect for my first home together with my future husband. I just received all of my Crate & Barrel coup, red and white Camille glasses. So it’s perfect!!

  48. Followed! What I love about spring cocktails is how light and refreshing they are especially with a fruity accent! :) cheers!

  49. I love spring cocktails for the light citrus, fruit or mint flavor, so refreshing in the warmer weather

  50. Following (and drooling over that bar cart!) … I love the freshness of spring cocktails and when you start incorporating floral infusions or something like St. Germain

  51. Followed!! I love how spring and cocktails bring my best friends together! Would LOVE to win!


  52. I followed & my favorite thing is getting together with my friends to unwind, especially with Skyy vodka!

  53. Followed on Instagram. Artisan Spring cocktails…they look so pretty….they taste so good…and they go down way too easy!!! ‘ ; ) Love the bar cart. Thanks for posting the giveaway!

  54. @mimilareign followed on ig. It’s an awesome anytime drink to share with family, friends or alone time. A simple drink can turn extraordinary with SKYY Vodka.

  55. Followed! I love the lighter sweeter taste of spring cocktails after a looonngg winter of heavier, spicier drinks and being able to add fresh, in- season fruits to my boozy drinks during BBQ season!

  56. I can’t wait to try these recipes!!! Being a bartender myself I love testing different flavors together it’s what makes my job happy and exciting! Especially when spring is here! The Sweet and fruity flavors just make ur mood uplifted and excited for all the good things coming under the sun:-)

  57. I just followed Skyy vodka on Instagram and I’m entering to win that gorgeous bar cart! (I’m @writestyles) My favorite part about sipping on Spring cocktails is taking advantage of the longer evenings and savoring the light refreshing springtime flavors with great friends! I also love adding fresh basil and mint from my garden to drinks for a home grown spring twist!

  58. I followed (@nellemonaco) and love to meet up with friends and enjoy the weather! Market lights are always a favorite- and a vodka tonic! Love this cart- it’s beautiful! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  59. Followed! Nothing quite like coming home from a long day to a beautiful cocktail! I like lots of ice, plenty of vodka and something pretty on top :)

  60. Followed! As I sit her this morning fantasizing about warm spring weather and sipping on one of these delicious #skyyvodka cocktails, I look out my window and see it snowing ❄️❄️❄️ in Wisonsin. If the warm weather never gets here, at least this bar cart would help me stay warm on the inside!

    Follow me on Instagram: @crystalbulletjewelry

  61. @labelleviking followed!
    I love how refreshing spring cocktails are! More citrus and more pink!

  62. Followed. The bar coat is so pretty! Spring cocktails are great because they are so light and refreshing after all the months of heavy and warm drinks.

  63. Beautiful! It snowed this morning where I live, so I am definitely looking forward to spring cocktails with much gusto. The fresh flavors (incorporating from-the-garden herbs and fruits) are what I love the most about them.

  64. Followed! @hannalpeterson
    I can’t wait for fresh lime juice, grapefruit and of course spring-time herbs!

  65. Now following. That is one pretty bar cart. Looking forward to springtime cocktails on my new patio (which is currently covered in snow). Going to have to try the Apple of my Skyy!

  66. Followed! I am so ready for spring! We know it’s almost here so to forget about the snow about to come down this weekend, I am dreaming of a light, refreshing, sour and sweet spring cocktail.

  67. my favorite spring cocktail contains anything with lavender! so soothing and refreshing! followed!! peace + love

  68. Followed! I love lavender and lemon cocktails in the spring, but really, nothing beats drinking a gin and tonic on the porch!

  69. Just followed on IG. mmmm honeycrisp apples are my fave! I will def have to try that.

    Since it seems that winter has returned to Pittsburgh, I love that spring cocktails will give me a chance to actually enjoy a bit of spring, despite the cold outside.

  70. Followed! Spring is the best time for cocktails, there’s nothing better than a fresh fruit-infused simple syrup to pour into your champagne during sunny brunch.

  71. Love the giveaway! I love springtime cocktails because they make you shed the winter blues. They give you the feeling that anything is possible. They give the idea that your dreams will blossom like the springtime flowers.

  72. The best thing about springtime cocktails is enjoying them outdoors with friends!! (

  73. following on instagram – stefaniegladden
    I love having spring cocktails out by the pool. nothing is better than a great drink while relaxing!

  74. Followed (collifornia)
    My favorite part about spring cocktails is having a good time with friends!

    holliister at gmail dot com

  75. Followed @adventurecubs. My favorite thing about spring cocktails is enjoying them outside in the warmer weather!

  76. Following, cause this is like the bar cart of my dreams. And I love you and vodka. :) Also, spring cocktails are the best because, like spring, they are light, bright, and refreshing. AND the perfect excusing for porch sitting. Thanks so much! :)

  77. followed! what a gorgeous bar cart. Spring cocktails are the best! (especially next spring when Im’ not pregnant…but I love to make them for friends)

  78. I follow you both on IG (@foliusdesign). I adore citrus and summer cocktails are perfect with citrus!

  79. I follow under mjhgrams. I love spring cocktails because they’re a light and refreshing way to end a day!

  80. I followed. I love spring cocktails that can be enjoyed by the pool with friends. Long conversations and cool drinks!

  81. followed under kailove07.

    what i love about spring cocktails is the get togethers with friends and families, crazy memories, being outdoors in the nice weather, and being inspired by the ingredients.

  82. I absolutely love using herbs and bright fruits in my cocktails. Spring time is all about new beginnings and nothing says it more than a beautifully refreshing cocktail.

  83. followed! & I absolutely love using herbs and bright fruits in my cocktails. Spring time is all about new beginnings and nothing says it more than a beautifully refreshing cocktail.

  84. I am following on Instagram (@ErinLoves2Run). I love the fruity, light flavors of springtime cocktails! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  85. Followed– my favorite thing about spring cocktails is the indulgence in sweet, floral, and citrus flavors.

  86. Followed :) I love a good cocktail that puts some spring (pun intended!) into my step. That foxy little bar cart is adorable!

  87. followed! I think everyone is ready for fresh flavors in the spring, so I love fresh herb cocktails!

  88. Followed! My favorite part about spring cocktails are the fun colors. I love anything yellow/lemon flavored! diannehall777 at gmail dot com

  89. I follow on instagram: @wasabilime.

    I love spring cocktails because they are light and fresh and you can enjoy them year round. :)

  90. Followed on IG :)

    I love the chance to return to having light fruity drinks in the sun that the spring brings us.

  91. That drink (and bar cart) look incredible! I love having a fruity cocktail outside on the patio in spring.

  92. I love the fruity-ness and the fact that it means summer is coming!! That apple vodka sounds incredible. I am following on Instagram thank you!

  93. I follow as amweeks00! And I love fruity spring cocktails…they put me in a sunshiny mood, ready to enjoy the nicer weather!

  94. I followed, @mamalovestosave. I love spring cocktails because they’re so light and refreshing in contrast to the warming sun!

  95. I followed via schutzme.
    Spring cocktail a typically a little lighter and more refreshing. Skyy goes with everything!!
    Cart is gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance:)

  96. Follow on Instagram..My fave thing about Spring Cocktails is that I can use spring time herbs and flowers to make them taste great and look pretty in the setting sun..

  97. Followed! I’m all about the freshness of the spring cocktails- and they are often so pretty, too!

  98. Followed!! Twitter: @LittleMomMaid
    Instagram @thelittlemommaid

    My favorite thing about them is how perfectly they pair with the weather!

    Hope I win!! Rose gold is my wedding colors & favorite color!!

  99. I followed @skyyvodka!

    I love Spring cocktails because it’s refreshing for the hot days, sweet but not too sweet, and easy to drink

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