thoroughly modern victorian.
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artist studio and home in camberwell, england. / sfgirlbybay

this may well be one of the prettiest homes i’ve seen in a long time. and i look at a lot of houses! this one is actually an artist’s studio and home, and a location home, which means it’s available for film and photo shoots from jj locations, located in camberwell, england. i think i’m just going to rent it, and then refuse to leave. seems like a worthy if not entirely plausible plan, right? it’s something called a double fronted Victorian, with a large, lush garden — not to mention beautifully styled throughout with lovely plants and splashes of pale colors like yellow and green. with all that pretty sunlight streaming through, it feels a bit like a large, liveable greenhouse. yep, i could move right in.

art gallery wall above modern chairs and table. / sfgirlbybay

green and black chairs and indoor plants in modern victorian home. / sfgirlbybay

modern art and green decor and plants / sfgirlbybay

sleek living room decor with pops of green. / sfgirlbybay

modern white bathroom with pops of green plants and art / sfgirlbybay

art hung above chartreuse sofa near stairwell / sfgirlbybay

modern victorian home with pops of green and blue decor. / sfgirlbybay

white kitchen with marble island and chandelier / sfgirlbybay

green open shelving with dishware and plants / sfgirlbybay

modern hanging art and vintage perfume bottles on mirrored tray  / sfgirlbybay

modern yellow ombre comforter in white bedroom / sfgirlbybay

modern white home with wood floors and area rugs / sfgirlbybay

yellow shower in modern white bathroom / sfgirlbybay

vintage mirror and modern chair in bedroom / sfgirlbybay

artist studio in bedroom / sfgirlbybay

artist studio in attic of modern victorian home / sfgirlbybay

lush green plants in modern living room / sfgirlbybay

plants on folding table with crates below / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of jj locations.

17 responses to “thoroughly modern victorian.”

  1. That chandelier in the living room, and the montgolfier in the kitchen are exquisite! On the other hand, the plants in the second-to-last photo are just a little bit scary, like they might decide they’ve had enough and want to take over.

  2. you are right. this is one of the most beautiful homes i’ve seen in awhile. the plants are amazing and the artwork around the house is just the best. always love a gorgeous victorian with a modern mix. my favorite.

  3. I love the artwork. It seems like much of it might have been done by the same person who owns the place– do you have any idea who the artist is?

  4. I love herringbone wood flooring, sadly not so easy to get hold of it, and parquet floors generally, in the US.

  5. Does England have “squatters rights” or homestead laws? You just might be able to follow through on your plan if they do. lol!

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