staying neutral.
by victoria comment


neutral accessories and homewares styled via femke pastijn. / sfgirlbybay

femke pastijn.

while you could call these rooms ‘very neutral’ or even, heaven forbid beige — they are anything but boring. and that’s because the styling is spot-on — it’s all in the small details. things like the interesting way they’ve paired their oddball collections, or how a very simple striped chair placed on an unusual tile floor becomes almost a study in unexpected pattern layering. a mix of textiles, like different throw pillows and area rugs that work really well together, and eclectic pairings of different period pieces just makes these rooms that much more interesting. nothing cookie-cutter, matchy-matchy here — much attention has been paid to all things big and small. simple color palettes for certain, but they all shine.

neutral room styled by emily henderson. / sfgirlbybay

emily henderson.

simple black and white nuetral decor via new york magazine. / sfgirlbybay

new york magazine.

neutral color palette via jj locations. / sfgirlbybay

jj locations (above + below).

neutral yet eclectic decor / sfgirlbybay

neutral decor via little upside down cake. / sfgirlbybay

little upside down cake.

sunny nuetral room via Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson. / sfgirlbybay

Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson.

gorgeous nuetral home decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: jutta k; the poetry of material things; mademoiselle poirot; and the jungalow.

black and white neutral home decor via emmas designblogg. / sfgirlbybay

behomm, via emmas designblogg.

simple gray and blue and white color palette and decor via kk living. / sfgirlbybay

kk living.

roseford bed with neutral bedding via anthropologie / sfgirlbybay

roseford bed, anthropologie.

neutral accessories and homewares via vtwonen. / sfgirlbybay


black and white neutral decor via jj locations. / sfgirlbybay

jj locations.

neutral and modern home decor via vtwonen. / sfgirlbybay


neutral home decor / sfgirlbybay

femke pastijn.

white walls with mid-century modern decor via david price photography. / sfgirlbybay

david price photography.

5 responses to “staying neutral.”

  1. I think you hit on the key: the difference between boring beige and cool neutral is in the details–the textures, the shapes, the provenance of objects. When everything comes from a big retailer in the safest “design,” it’s devoid of personality–no risk and no reward.

  2. I love a clean neutral space. You hit the nail on the head. Styling is so important in a space, whether it is making order of a collection, displaying the owner’s personality with treasures from far off places, or telling a story through a vignette. Styling helps lend soul to a space…

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