on the down-low.
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low white sofa via the urbanite / sfgirlbybay

the urbanite.

there’s something so comfy about a low, slouchy sectional sofa. i myself opted for a sectional when i moved to L.A. — i wanted a really cozy, comfortable place to entertain where guests felt welcome to kick off their shoes, parade around barefoot and curl up on a cozy sofa, so i bought a white one with easy to wash slipcovers. i love the look of a real ‘down-low’ sofa, too. it’s oddly kind of sophisticated for being so comfy and almost futon-like — they can look perhaps a bit minimalist moroccan, and then in other settings give off a sort of bohemian beachy look. but i think a low sectional sofa just says, ‘come on in, have a cocktail and make yourself at home’.

white sectional sofa in white living room / sfgirlbybay

la buhardi .

a few great sources for the slouchy sofa look are the Belgian Linen Edlyn and tassa both at anthropologie; this Collins Marled Chenille Sofa; a low bench or platform bed or daybed; or even a twin bed with a little imagination can be used as a slouchy sofa. in one of my first studio apartments, i pushed a twin bed and box spring up against the wall, without a frame directly on the floor and added a big white quilt and bunch of mismatched print throw pillows and voilá — instant seating area in a really small space (for not a lot of money!). forgive me the many, many images and examples here, but there’s a lot of looks to choose from when it comes to down-low comfort and coziness.

low gray sofa with striped throw pillows via gardener & marks interiors. / sfgirlbybay

gardener & marks interiors.

bohemian palette bed sofa via cose di casa. / sfgirlbybay

cose di casa.

cozy low sofa inspiration / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: wabisabi; the design chaser; bo bedre; brie williams via the style files; elle decoration uk; and arch daily.

blue velvet sofa via laure joliet for new york times magazine. / sfgirlbybay

laure joliet for new york times t magazine.

bohemian living room decor / sfgirlbybay

bohemian homes.

sectional sofa inside Hotel Wiesler in Graz, Austria, via yatzer. / sfgirlbybay

Hotel Wiesler in Graz, Austria, via yatzer.

berlin loft with low gray sectional via behance. / sfgirlbybay


modern low sectional sofa via homify. / sfgirlbybay


modern upholstered benches / sfgirlbybay

life styled.

unique bohemian low sofas via merchant design studio. / sfgirlbybay

merchant design studio.

moroccan decor inside home of Danielle de Lange, of the style files. / sfgirlbybay

home of Danielle de Lange, of the style files.

cozy moroccan decor and low sofa via kk living. / sfgirlbybay

kk living.

small white daybed style sofa via vogue. / sfgirlbybay


white slipcovered sofa via elle decoration. / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration.

living room with low platform bed via boligliv. / sfgirlbybay


low green sofa and modern furnishings via milk magazine. / sfgirlbybay

milk magazine.

cozy and low living room seating via ulfg bohlin.  / sfgirlbybay

ulfg bohlin.

neutral low sofa with modern living room decor via purple area. / sfgirlbybay

purple area.

14 responses to “on the down-low.”

  1. Perfect timing on this post for me today, V! I am getting ready to move into the new place next week, and the first (non-renovation) project may be sewing a slipcover for that tired old thing from Pacific Ave. Slouchy sectional! You are brave to pick white. I want that, too… but afraid of the dingy thing. Keep up the inspiration. I need it!

    • i’ve seen your awesome slip covers (TV!!!) so i’ll bet they’ll be fab. the white is great – i throw it in the washer about 2x per month with Oxyclean and boom! all white again.

  2. hi victoria:
    i’ve been a reader for years now and i just wanted to tell you how i much i look forward to seeing your fresh and lovely and fun daily offerings. the last few weeks have been especially fine. thank you. and p.s. your la home is wonderful. you seem very content. good for you!!

    • hi jilly, thank you so very much! i really appreciate a sweet note like this especially when sometimes i feel i’m not sharing as much as i should. so thanks!! and yes – i am loving life in L.A. – it’s been a fun change! xx

  3. I’m such a fan of low, cozy couches like this too! Not to mention “Moroccan minimalism” is pretty much my all time favorite look… As always, such a lovely round up of stuff!

  4. Hi Victoria – I’m a long-time reader but I just happened on this post – better late than never! Great collection of ideas here. Glad L.A.’s working for you – It’s the best place for design in the country right now. Lucky you! Thanks again for all you share and do.

  5. Hi I found this post while looking for a low to the ground sectional, but i don’t see resources for any of the sofas you posted…can you tell me who makes the one in the Behance / Homify images? It’s gray and boxy / pillowy?
    Thank you!

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