friday finds.
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we’ve really taken a shine to this week’s friday finds — haha, pun intended. forgive me, it’s almost the weekend and i’m getting a little giddy. but i’m seeing a whole lot of shiny objects gracing walls and cabinets in the most unexpected spots — kitchen cabinets? sure, why not. you may not be able to convince me they’re practical — probably not, but they sure do look pretty. shine on! and have a happy weekend, y’all. xo, victoria

metallic bathtub backsplash / sfgirlbybay

  1. metallic credenza makes for the perfect impromptu spot for a bar.
  2. this metallic floor to ceiling bathtub backsplash is quite divine.
  3. this kitchen has got a distinct disco vibe going on.
  4. even if impractical (fingerprints!) i love these metallic-faced kitchen cabinets from dupont.
  5. this brass sink and faucet are inspiring and beautiful, too.
  6. metallic tiles? yes please! i’d disco dance around this kitchen for sure.
  7. a delicate swipe of brass trim looks beautiful with marble countertops.
  8. i love these brass finished kitchen cabinets, too. so smart and stylish looking.

shiny metallic home furnishings and decor / sfgirlbybaymetallic kitchen decor with marble countertops / sfgirlbybaymetallic lower kitchen cabinets / sfgirlbybay

3 responses to “friday finds.”

  1. I’m crazy in love with these looks! (Yes, the bathroom my fave too, Kari …)
    But for me might be a lot of time and expense to go to a short term trend? Idk. That said, you only once, right?!

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